Monday, October 28, 2013

Sick Pumpkins

Another week has come and gone.  It's been pretty rough the last few days in the Wittschen household.  
I was sick and feeling pretty crappy all last week.  I had a horrible chest cold, I sounded like an 85 year old chain smoker.  Then Saturday morning Dane woke up with a stomach bug, it was terrible.  Pretty much wiped him out all day, through Sunday afternoon.  Praying Kevin and I don't get it.  I can't handle stomach bugs.  They are the worst.  
I'm not even sure what all took place last week.  It's all a blur.  

Dane has his very first real fundraiser for his school.  He will be participating in a fun run this coming up Monday, so we spent the first few days calling grandparents begging for money.  If you want to help him reach his goal message me and I'll send you the link to pledge! 
I'm looking forward to seeing him participate in the run.  He will be running laps to earn money for his school.  It should be a fun day! 

We made a cute pinterest inspired gift for his teacher.  She deserves gifts year round.  The tag was just too cute, so I had to do it.  Inside was some fuzzy, soft, lay around your house type socks, nail polish, pedicure set like toe nail clippers and buffer etc, and some of her favorite candy! 
Dane's plate that we made last weekend was ready to be picked up! I thought it turned out pretty cute.  

We hit up a little church by our house that had a pumpkin patch.  We had intentions of buying a pumpkin, but they didn't take credit cards and we didn't have any cash.  Womp womp.  Not sure we actually have time to carve a pumpkin this year anyway.   
We didn't think it through. We were running out of time to take pictures with pumpkins, so we went one day after school. But, I had forgotten that it had stormed here in Cypress the day before, so it was really muddy and wet.  Dane was in a silly mood, so his attention span was 0.25 seconds, and his cooperation level was at about a 1.2 out of 10.  Ha.  

 See what I'm working with.  

Friday night we declared it Halloween Movie Night.  Dane wanted to watch all 4 movies.  We knew it wasn't going to be possible, but let him think otherwise.  

Dane and I made it through 3!

I just knew that Dane would have been the first to fall asleep...
But, Boy was I wrong!! Someone was nodding off during the first half of the first movie!

Saturday sucked.  Dane was sick sick sick.  He looked terrible and was in the bed the entire day.  

Sunday morning I thought he was better, until about lunchtime.  And he turned into a whining, crying, emotional machine.  He felt a little warm so I had him take some Motrin and made him go lay down in my bed to calm down for a couple minutes.  He was ticked.  Not a happy camper that I wanted him to go lay down.  I had time to fix him a drink, and by the time I walked into my room he was OUT!!!
He slept hard for 3 hours!! I couldn't believe it.  
Look how peaceful he looks! 

About 2 hours into his nap I went in to check on him, and this is how he looked!!
What the heck happened in those 2 hours to his hair???????? HAHA crazy.  
But, he was out and sleeping really hard.  
He woke up like a new person.  In a great mood, feeling 100% better.  

Busy fun week ahead with Halloween fun and Kevin's birthday!!

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