Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tap Tap Tap... is this thing still on??

Well, I have officially become the world's best blog slacker.  Man oh man, I have just completely walked away the last few months.  It's overwhelming knowing that the last post I wrote was about Kevin's birthday and Dane's boosterthon that happened at the end of October/first day of November and it's now January 5th.  So, I am going to attempt to start getting caught up.  I plan on back dating these posts so they will show up in the correct year that they occurred.  Be patient, I will eventually start blogging again on the regular.  

So, November was completely a blur.  As in I don't really remember any of it.  And, I guess I have a pretty good excuse.  I pretty much slept the entire month of November minus the hours I was struggling at work.   I've told everyone our news, and put it on all social media except for here.  

Yep.  We found out on actual Halloween that I'm pregnant.  My initial due date was July 3rd, but since then it has been moved up to June 22.  
So, November was a bit of a rough month.  To say that I was exhausted would be a total understatement.  No energy and felt pretty crummy the entire month.  I slept a lot.  A crazy crazy amount.  We didn't do much that month, and I hardly used my camera.  

I'm finally starting to feel a bit more human the last few weeks, and I don't feel sick like I did before.  
We are all excited, Dane especially.  He was really happy when we told him, and talks about "our baby" all the time.  

Dane and Kevin attended his first reading night/book fair at his school.  I wasn't able to make it that night due to how bad I was feeling.  But, Dane had fun and got to buy a few books at the book fair.  I always loved when my school had the book fair come.  

Dane had a blast at his friend Preston's Despicable Me party.  

I'm not for sure if we took this in November or not, but I'm just going to go with it.  Another fun day at work with my girls.  

We did manage to somehow get most of the Christmas decor up a little before thanksgiving.  Dane wanted a little tree for his room, and some lights around his bed.  He picked out the tree and decorations himself.  :)

Dane came down from his room one day with his Santa hat on, a "beard" taped on his face, a belt and a whip and boots claiming he was Santa.  When I played along he made sure to tell me that he knows I think he is the real Santa, but he isn't.  He was just pretending.  Could have fooled me.  :)

A couple cell pics of our tree and fireplace before leaving to go to Orange for thanksgiving.  

We had a good time in Orange for thanksgiving.  I wasn't feeling all that great, but managed to enjoy the day the best I could.  One reason it sucks to get behind on blogging is that after a couple months you forget details about the day, so it's hard to do a re-cap.  
Anywho, we ate a lot and enjoyed time with family, watched football and did a lot of lounging around.  

 Some blurry cell phone pics of Dane, Hadley and Baylor doing what they do when they see each other.  Running and laughing and falling and tackling and chasing and being loud etc etc.  They have so much fun together, and Dane loves getting the babies to chase him and tackle him.  They are really cute together.  

 Dane with the pretty girl of the family as Dane calls her.  He loves and has a huge crush on Haley.  He always says is that pretty girl going to be there??  He made her sit next to him while we ate lunch, and he seriously didn't stop talking and asking her questions the entire time. 

Thanksgiving night my girl Tabitha talked me into going to Wal-mart with her sister for some crazy black Friday Thursday shopping.  I went along for the social part of it, didn't have anything I really needed.  Tab scored a tv for really cheap and a little people princess set, and Vicki walked away with a basketball goal and a ping pong table for her kids.  I did manage to get Dane a battleship game for my mom on sale for $9, which was pretty cool.  The crowds were insane.  To check out the lines wrapped all the way around the store.  But, we had fun people watching and just hanging out while we shopped and stood in the lines. 

Dane up at the crack of dawn, dressed and watching cartoons waiting on Poppy to get dressed for their breakfast tradition that they do every time we go to Orange.  One morning while we are there they go eat breakfast at different cafes, just the two of them.  Dane won't allow anyone else to go.  But, the morning that they are going Dane always wakes up super early, goes into the living room and tells Poppy that it is time to leave to go get breakfast.  He loves that it's just the two of them.  A fun little thing that Poppy has started that he will never be able to get out of, because Dane holds him to it every visit.  

I think this picture if from Black Friday.  We attempted to do a little bit of shopping but Dane wasn't really up for it.  We did get a table for our foyer, and his birthday present for a great deal.  

and that sums of November.  

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Birthdays and Boosterthons

It's been a busy exhausting few weeks. I haven't had time to post about Kevin's birthday and Dane's boosterthon fun run.  

We celebrated Kevin's birthday with some yummy cookie cake and Pappadeaux's the actual day of his birthday.  Then the Saturday after my mom came into town to watch Dane and Kevin and I had a little fun date.  We went to Top Golf which ended up being a lot of fun.  It's a driving range with fancy electronic scoring machines.  We were there for several hours and really had a great time.  I've never hit a golf ball before we went, but I did fairly well.  I'm no Tiger Woods :) but, I did pretty good considering I've never hit a ball before.  

Dane had fun hanging out with Granny and Lauren while we spent the day away.  They went and saw the new animated turkey movie, went shopping and had mexican food and spent lots of time playing at the playground.  

Dane did so good at his boostherthon fun run.  He was so excited to participate, and I was happy that I was able to go and watch him. Loud fun music was playing and there was a dj making it super fun for the kids.  Dane did 28 laps, running most of it.  It had to be cut short about 10 minutes because the sky opened up and it started monsooning.  All the parents ran to squeeze under a tree while the teachers frantically corralled the kids inside.  Dane was disappointed that he didn't get to finish, but he did so good.  He cooperated the whole time, and had so much fun while participating.  It was a really fun fundraiser that the school put on! Dane raised a good amount of money!! Beats those catalogs any day! 

I stayed and had lunch with Dane.  They had to move the kindergarners into their classroom to eat, so they could turn the cafeteria into a place to do the boosterthon for the other grades.  It stormed the rest of the day.  We were all looking like wet puppy dogs.  Little 5 year olds soaking wet still look adorable, but 33 year old moms with soaking wet hair, makeup running down your face... not so cute! Ha