Sunday, November 10, 2013

Birthdays and Boosterthons

It's been a busy exhausting few weeks. I haven't had time to post about Kevin's birthday and Dane's boosterthon fun run.  

We celebrated Kevin's birthday with some yummy cookie cake and Pappadeaux's the actual day of his birthday.  Then the Saturday after my mom came into town to watch Dane and Kevin and I had a little fun date.  We went to Top Golf which ended up being a lot of fun.  It's a driving range with fancy electronic scoring machines.  We were there for several hours and really had a great time.  I've never hit a golf ball before we went, but I did fairly well.  I'm no Tiger Woods :) but, I did pretty good considering I've never hit a ball before.  

Dane had fun hanging out with Granny and Lauren while we spent the day away.  They went and saw the new animated turkey movie, went shopping and had mexican food and spent lots of time playing at the playground.  

Dane did so good at his boostherthon fun run.  He was so excited to participate, and I was happy that I was able to go and watch him. Loud fun music was playing and there was a dj making it super fun for the kids.  Dane did 28 laps, running most of it.  It had to be cut short about 10 minutes because the sky opened up and it started monsooning.  All the parents ran to squeeze under a tree while the teachers frantically corralled the kids inside.  Dane was disappointed that he didn't get to finish, but he did so good.  He cooperated the whole time, and had so much fun while participating.  It was a really fun fundraiser that the school put on! Dane raised a good amount of money!! Beats those catalogs any day! 

I stayed and had lunch with Dane.  They had to move the kindergarners into their classroom to eat, so they could turn the cafeteria into a place to do the boosterthon for the other grades.  It stormed the rest of the day.  We were all looking like wet puppy dogs.  Little 5 year olds soaking wet still look adorable, but 33 year old moms with soaking wet hair, makeup running down your face... not so cute! Ha

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