Friday, December 20, 2013

25 days of Christmas

Oh, December!
If you thought I felt overwhelmed to write about November 2 months late, then multiply that by 100 for how I feel about re-capping December.  EEEKKKK!!!

I only took 1400 pictures in December... no big deal.  

We carried out last year's new tradition and did 25 days of Christmas again along with Dopey our elf coming to hang out for the holidays.  It's a very busy month, but we have so much fun doing it and Dane just loves it.  I kind of slacked with the elf pictures, and our ideas probably weren't quite as good as last year.  I blame it on the pregnancy.  :)
Dane was so excited to be doing the countdown again this year.  It was the first thing he asked to do everyday the second he got off the bus from school.  It makes us be intentional about doing something as a family each day.  Some days it's just us watching a Christmas movie, but we are spending time together.  


Day 25: (Nov 30)
We went and saw the movie Frozen at the theater.  Dane and I loved it, we both thought it was a really cute movie.  It's like a musical so there was lots of singing.  Kevin, I think, could have done away with all the singing that took place but he secretly liked it.  :)
It was a great way to start our countdown.  

We actually tried going that morning, but the movie was sold out so we had to get tickets for that afternoon.  It was packed, had no idea that it would be the thing to do that day.  

While we waited to go to the movie theater our new kitchen table was delivered.  This is how Dane decided to greet the workers.  He stood outside the entire time watching them do whatever they had to do before bringing our table in with his goggles and gun on.  Crazy kid. Never a dull moment I tell you. 

Dane had been talking about Dopey for about a month wondering if he was going to come back this year.  This year was totally different with Dopey.  No matter what Dopey did Dane was ok with it.  He didn't get mad like last year, and he thought everything was funny even when he would do something with his toys.  Last year was such an emotional roller coaster with Dopey, but Dane seemed to get that he was his friend and that everything he did was just out of fun.  So, nothing will top his reactions from last year.  It still cracks me up when I think back to it.  
On the first morning Dane woke up to Christmas bows decorating the kitchen cabinets.  Dane was sooooooooooooooo excited to see him, and beyond thrilled that Dopey brought him some candy.  

Day 24:
Grinch night!! One of Dane's favorite cards to draw!
We made Grinch punch and cookies and watched both the Jim Carey Grinch movie and the animated Dr Seuss one as well.  Fun night for all of us!! 

Dopey made a little fort with the couch cushions.

More to come...

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