Saturday, December 28, 2013

3 days till Christmas

Getting closer and closer to Christmas!!! 
 We were still in Orange 3 days till the big day, so we had some more fun with Hadley and Baylor.  We went over to my aunt's house and let the kids make gingerbread houses.  Dane was all about getting to hang out some more with the girls, and he was pumped about giving them their presents and making gingerbread houses.  Dane wanted no help this year, he wanted to do it all by himself.  Dane took his decorating very seriously, and strategically placed all the candy on it. Hadley is hilarious.  She started off decorating the house but very quickly decided that eating every single piece of her house and every piece of candy was the way to go.  And Baylor is still little, so she was just there for moral support.  Ha 
But, it was fun and the kids loved being together.  The kids exchanged gifts, and let me tell you that you have never seen Dane more excited than when he opened up his gift and it was a Nerf gun with a pouch of extra Nerf bullets.  He was so excited!! It was a fun fun day hanging out, the kids ran around and got out lots of energy.  Dane slept the entire way back to Cypress.  

Hadley found a ribbon that was on a present and put it on like a headband.  She's seriously so funny.  A cute little mess. 

Baylor having fun with bubble wrap.  

Dopey surprised us and was in our car when we headed back to Cypress.  He had flown down to make sure we got back to Cypress ok.

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