Monday, December 23, 2013

And we are counting down... 20-17

Day 20:
We watched Home Alone 1 & 2 and had ice cream sundaes like Kevin the little boy eats in the movie. Maybe not quite as big of a sundae as he had in the movie... :)  Dane's all time favorite movie is Home Alone.  He cracks up when the bad things happen to the criminals.  I'm talking belly laughing.  Target had the 2nd one on sale on black Friday for $3! Score. Dane loved the 2nd one just as much as the first.  
He was so excited to pull the card and see that it was Home alone night.  Fun night!

Kevin gets a lot of credit for Dopey this year, because sadly I would fall asleep early before moving him. And if I'm being honest a lot of those days that I fell asleep early it was so early that I was asleep before Dane. Gasp.  Growing a baby is hard work! Ha This momma is tired.  

Day 19:
We played Christmas Bingo and drank hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallow dippers.  Yum! The candy canes give the hot chocolate just the right amount of peppermint to give it a great flavor! 
I printed off the bingo cards from pinterest for free, and used Hersey kisses as the markers. 

And some Christmas cheer.  Twinkling lights make me happy. The more lights the better.  
Dopey made Dane's name out of his cars.  It's like where's Waldo?? Can you find Dopey in the chaos we call Dane's play room? And you gotta love Dane's sense of style, right?? Ha

Some random pictures thrown in the mix...
Dane using his teeth to open up a peanut shell.  He loves when we go to Texas Roadhouse so he can snack on peanuts and throw them on the ground.
 Doing his best impression of Kevin Mcallister
just a another day of shooting bad guys and wearing some sort of a costume.

Dane had a little Christmas project that was sent home from school.  We as a family had to disguise a gingerbread man.  He was on the loose and needed his identity to be hidden.  So... Dane chose to make him look like Indiana Jones.  I thought he turned out pretty cute, despite his crazy eyes.  :) Gotta love those "family" homework assignments where it makes you not know how much the kid is suppose to do. You want it to look cute, but also want it to be the kid's art project. Tough balance for us crazy moms.  Who's with me?

Day 18:
We decorated Christmas cookies! Dane was being extra silly when he pulled this card so he started dancing and raising the roof when he saw cookies on the card.  Guess he was just really excited to decorate some sugar cookies.  I totally cheated this year.  I bought cookies already cut out, I was still a little traumatized from last year when we did the whole pour flour on your counter thing and cut out cookies yourself.  Flour was everywhere, and you can only wonder why with an 4 year old at the time. So, I stuck with easy this year and found some cookies at Kroger.  Dane's philosophy is the more icing and sprinkles the better. His cookies were drenched with both.  :)

Dopey up to no good...
I was already awake when I heard Dane scream at the top of his lungs my name.  I went running up the stairs, I had completely forgotten what Dane had done the night before.  There Dane stood in his door way cracking up.  He thought it was hilarious that Dopey tried to "trap" him in his room.  I made him wait to tear it down til I was able to get my phone to snap a couple pics.  Oh, Dopey always up to something.

Day 17:
It was time to see Santa!  We went back to Santa's Wonderland at Bass Pro Shop for our annual visit.  We have gone the last few years, and I thin it's just great.  There's free activities for the kids to do while you wait in line, it's the same Santa year after year so it makes it more real, and the picture is free which you just can't beat.  Dane had a blast as usual.  He brought his lego magazine in the car and had pages marked that he wanted to tell Santa. He was very organized and ready! Ha After taking a picture with Santa he asked Dane a few questions and then told him to tell him 1 thing he would like for Christmas. Dane did as he was asked, but then later told us that he really wanted to tell Santa more than one, but then he said "well, I'll just ask for the other ones next year".

And Dopey...

And let's take a break! :)

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