Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas countdown continues... 23-21

Day 23:
We made snowflakes with pipe cleaners and different colored beads.  

Dopey wrapped our kitchen with toilet paper.  Dane thought it was hilarious, but asked me a couple times if I was upset with Dopey since he made a mess in my kitchen.  Ha
Check out Dane's crazy bed head.  He wakes up to some crazy hair in the mornings, takes lots of water to tame it. 

Day 22:
We got a kids Nativity and a book that went along with it, so we read the story, played with the people and re-enacted the Christmas story.  After reading it a couple times Dane had it memorized and would do his own little show with the nativity people.  

Dopey flew in from the North Pole with a note from Santa.  I forgot to take a picture of the actual note, but basically it told Dane that he had heard that Dane had a bad day at school the day before, and he was really sad to get word of that.  Santa told him that there was still plenty of time to get back on the nice list, and he knew that he could do better and that he still loved him even though he had a bad day.  Dane was so disappointed that Dopey told on him to Santa, but it was just what he needed because he didn't have another bad day in December.  

Day 21:
We brought cookies to a local fire station to thank them for all that they do.  Dane got to sit inside the fire truck and mess with the buttons and sirens.  He drew them a picture that was real sweet.  He was a little timid, but he seemed to enjoy getting to sit in the big truck.  And the firemen all seemed very appreciative that we had stopped by with yummy cookies.

Well, I'm missing a Dopey picture.  Can't find it anywhere, and I know I took it because Dopey was doing something super cool according to Dane.  He was hanging upside down by one foot from the ceiling fan.  Dane had a cute reaction to him hanging there.  He wouldn't let us turn the fan on because he thought it might hurt Dopey.  Ha
So, just imagine Dopey doing the best trick he's ever done.  :)

I'm getting there with trying to get caught up, but I can barely hold my eyes open so I'm going to have to walk away and call it a night. More to come, obviously.

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