Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve Eve and Eve

I'm sitting out on our back porch listening to music and enjoying this gorgeous day.  I'm determined to get caught up on here.  I vow to never get this far behind ever again.  :) 
We will see how it goes when I have a brand new baby in the mix.  

Dopey had a private concert with Dane's new guitar and microphone.  Dane wasn't upset, but he asked us why Dopey always messes with his stuff and not ours.  So, we told him that Dopey was Dane's elf, not ours.  

2 days till Christmas:
Polar Express night.  We made some Christmas popcorn munch and watched the movie.  Dane blew his train whistle every time the train blew his in the movie.  Polar Express is a really cute movie, I had never seen it before this year.  

Some more Christmas decor pics of our house.  We got a few new things this year to add to our decorations we already had.  This tree was in our formal dining room, and I just loved it so much.  I wanted to keep it up all year.  I added some burlap and red balls to it, and I think it was my favorite decoration so far.  Just loved all the twinkling lights, makes your house feel so cozy.  I added lights all over the house this year, every piece of garland we have, every table etc.  The more lights the better.  I bought a couple little table trees this year as well that I had sitting on tables and our bar.  

And back to Dopey.  I love how easily Dane is entertained for the most part.  His reactions always crack me up.  He is animated 90% of every day.  
Poor Dopey.... trapped.

I feel like I should get a little bit of applause for finally getting to Christmas Eve.  
1 day till Christmas:
The Christmas countdown included several things.  

Dane's teacher made all the kids a bag of reindeer food to spread out in the front yard.  I had planned on making some, but she saved me the trouble.  So, that morning we went outside and Dane sprinkled it all around so the reindeer could find our house at night, and have something to eat while they waited on Santa.  

Then we baked cookies for Santa.  And when I say "WE" what I mean is that Dane helped me place 2 cookies on a pan and then he was done, and then I made approximately 570 dozen cookies because I was in a full on baking mood and couldn't decide between sugar, snickerdoodles, m&ms, mint chocolate chip, and regular chocolate chip cookies.  The sad part of this picture is that this wasn't all of them.  And, I must be honest that I probably consumed 47 dozen of them while baking.  It's Christmas, so it's all good right?
Santa wasn't going hungry at our house.  

Then we actually went shopping.  Yes, on Christmas Eve along with the rest of the world.  But, we weren't shopping for Christmas gifts just stuff for our new foyer table and stuff around the house.  We had a nice lunch at Cafe Express, well.... it didn't start off too great but it ended with yummy food and us cracking up. Gotta share this story.
So, right before our buzzer went off to let us know our food was ready Kevin and Dane went to the bathroom.  Meanwhile, the buzzer went off and as I get to the counter I realize that I'm not going to be able to carry everything.  Kevin and Dane walks out and I motion for Kevin to come over to the counter.  Dane had gone back to the table when all of a sudden we hear this loud crash and Dane SCREAMING "DADDY" in the most piercing voice I had ever heard.  Cafe Express was pretty busy, I should add, so lots of people sitting near our table.  We run around the column that was blocking our view as to what had just happened when we see our table over on it's side, chairs flipped, drinks all over the floor, picanta sauce (or whatever type of sauce they had on the table) broken and all over the floor and Dane standing there in complete shock and 2 business guys from another table running to him as well.  The whole restaurant was silent staring at us.  All I could think to say was "Merry Christmas Everyone".  Everyone laughed and the men who had gone to help helped us pick up everything while the workers grabbed a mop.  Dane kept saying "I didn't do it on purpose, and I'm sorry".  We couldn't even be mad at him because it was just too funny and I knew that it was a total accident.  I think he had leaned on the table to get his drink and it was top heavy and it just fell over. He actually fell to the ground also, but was fine and jumped up in total shock.  The workers were so nice, even though I know they probably wanted to kill us.  After we could clean it up as best as we could we just moved to another table and then enjoyed our lunch.  We couldn't stop laughing at how we heard the crash, and Dane's piercing scream.

We piddled a little more then went home to get ready for our Christmas Eve service at our church.
The Christmas service is always one of my favorites.  I love singing all the Christmas carols to candle light.  This years was a bit long though for our squirmy 5 year old.  We got there about 30 minutes early to get a decent seat, and then the service was a good hour and half.  So, 2 hours of expecting him to sit in his chair and not talk.  Yeah, not going to happen.  But, he did pretty good till the last 30 minutes or so.  He was anxious to light the candle.

 I bought this hat for him to wear, but he wasn't having it.  It was going to be a big fight to get him to wear it, which is not worth it in the end especially on Christmas Eve.  So, I made him take just one picture in it and we called it a day.  So cute!

 The only picture I got of me on Christmas Eve and Day.  I snapped this one real quick when we were walking out the door to go church with my cell phone.  I didn't get any of Kevin or us as a family either.  :(
And Dane was sooooooo sad that Dopey was leaving.  He was allowed to touch him on the last day and let Dopey lose his magic because Santa would be there and Dopey could ride on his sleigh back to the North Pole.  He asked me to take a picture with Dopey so when he misses him he can look at it and remember.  :( Heartbreaking really.  

Then we came home and put out cookies and milk for Santa, read the real Christmas Story and the Night Before Christmas before calling it a night.  Dane was wired and so excited for Santa's arrival that it took a long time before he was ready to settle down and go asleep.  Then the little elves got everything together and we crashed.

 And because I'm a softie we let Dopey stay one more night.  Santa had fixed his magic, so he was hiding in the tree with a note telling Dane bye and that he stayed one more night to watch him open his gifts.  He also had a little gift for Dane that was hiding in the tree also.
I can feel you all rolling your eyes... but Dane was so sad to see him go and I caved.  :)

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