Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas fun... 11-6

Maybe just maybe I'll be caught up by next Christmas. I feel like I'm on a roll now, gotta just keep pressing on! 

Day 11:
This night included coffee mugs of hot chocolate, baked cookies and a scavenger hunt while looking at Christmas lights.  We used the same sheet I made last year of the list of things to look for while looking at lights.  Dane really enjoys trying to find all the stuff and especially trying to find them quicker than we can.  It's always a competition.  But, it helps with keeping his attention rather than getting bored looking at lights a few minutes in.  This year we were not able to find the Grinch anywhere.  I didn't think Dane was going to let us go home, he wanted to keep looking and looking with hopes to check everything off his list.  

Dane's expressions with Dopey this year cracked me up.  He is so animated!

Day 10:
As it gets closer to Christmas there are days that you just lose steam and you are not really wanting to do anything spectacular for the Christmas countdown.  This was one of those days.  I wasn't feeling great, I just wanted to lay on the couch in my comfy pants and not move.  So, we didn't do anything that exciting.  We colored a couple Christmas pages out of Dane's Christmas coloring book and watched the movie Elf on tv.  But, Dane was content with that.  It proves that kids don't have to do huge exciting stuff to have fun.  As long as we are hanging out as a family doing something together that's all he cares about.  

 Dopey enjoying a marshmallow bath.  This is the life eh Dopey?

Day 9:
Another free printable provided by pinterest...
Christmas memory game. 
Dane kicks serious bootay in memory.  He always does really well while I struggle to remember where things are, and it takes me half the game to get a match.  We played several rounds before calling it a night.  Dane is all about playing games, and he loved that we played memory the Christmas version.  

Day 8:
Low key evening that included getting new pjs and reading all of our Christmas books by the nice cozy fire.  

More fun for Dopey... 

Day 7:
Another low key evening.  It's hard on days that I work late.  None of us were feeling all that great, so we watched Charlie Brown's Christmas movie.  And then we all went to bed early that night.  I was afraid that Dane was getting sick, because he didn't even want to pull the card.  He asked if we could just lay on the couch and watch a movie.  So, we bypassed what was on the card... which I don't remember now what we skipped.  

Day 6:
Our church has a free Christmas show for the kids every year called Kids Crazy Christmas Show.  It's cute with puppets and singing etc.  So, we went this night, Dane really enjoyed it.  Something fun to do during the Christmas season.  

Almost there....

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