Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Getting close to Christmas.. 16-12

Day 16:
We got a little artsy and created a cute Christmas canvas using Dane's hand prints.  I think it turned out super duper cute.  Of course, the idea came from Pinterest. Where else would it come from? Ha
And in case you have trouble visualizing our little master piece it it's the 3 wise men on camels.  Dane really liked doing it.  He did most of it all by himself with us just directing where his hands and fingers needed to go.  Kevin drew the crowns and Dane colored it in, and I helped with the star.  But, for the most part this was all Dane! And I love it.  I think it will be my favorite Christmas decoration year after year.  

Day 15:
Rudolph night! It included Rudolph pancakes and the movie! Dane is all about breakfast for dinner, especially when the pancakes are as cute as the reindeer.  

More of Dopey's crazy antics.  He was a true hit this year.  Dane was his biggest fan.  First thing he wanted to do every morning was find Dopey.  

Day 14:
Dun dun dun...
Donate Toys Day!! I thought Dane would have been ticked, but since Santa sent a note asking him to give toys to kids who didn't have toys and to make room for new toys he was all about it.  
He actually put stuff in the box that I had to talk him out of because I didn't want him to give away stuff he actually plays with and then be sad later.  He gave with a very giving heart this year, and that made me super happy.  He was so happy also that Santa mentioned in the note that he had noticed Dane had been really good lately.  Dane was trying so hard, he would ask on a daily basis "is it good that I'm being sweet? Is it good I'm using my manners" etc.  So, it filled up his love tank to hear Santa acknowledge his good behavior.  Whatever works I tell ya.  

Day 13:
Dane wrote a letter to Santa and we watched the Santa Clause movie with some hot chocolate.  We drank hot chocolate a lot during the Christmas season.  Thankfully, we had a lot of hot chocolate weather which was nice for a change! 

The best thing Dopey did the entire time he was here was making copies of himself on the copy machine.  He made a "butt" picture, and you can only imagine how funny Dane thought this was.  I'm talking hard core belly laughing.  And you can guess who came up with this idea.  Not me... I was asleep and had no idea!! :) Dane now has these papers taped to the front of his door.  Boys will be boys. And Boys will always have a crude sense of humor.  This was absolutely hilarious to the little dude.  

Day 12:
12 days till Christmas and this day was a bit of a flop.  Frosty the Snowman was the theme, and I attempted to make donut snowmen as a snack but they were a hot mess. I had to just use whatever we had in the pantry for accessories because I didn't plan well for this snack.  Plus I used the kabob sticks which made them fall apart, and ended up Sticking Dane in the mouth.  Fail.  Then I thought Frosty was one of the many Christmas movies that we had, but I was wrong.  We don't own that one.  Dane was already excited about watching it.  Luckily Kevin was able to find a mini version of it on youtube that we watched on the laptop.  Dane had no idea that it was a shortened version so he didn't know that it was all just a big fail.  HAHA It all worked out in the end, and I know in the grand scheme of things it wasn't a big deal.  

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