Friday, December 27, 2013

Kindergarten Christmas Party & 5-4

Dane's class had their Christmas party the last day before their winter break started.  My mom had a meeting in Houston the day before, so she stuck around and went with me to his party.  After the party the kids were allowed to be checked out early if their parents were there, so Dane was excited that he was getting to leave school early.  It was a super cute party.  The little kids got to watch the older grades sing a few songs in the cafeteria before heading to their classroom for Christmas treats, crafts and gifts from their teacher.  It was fun seeing him interact with his little friends, and in his classroom.  

Dane and his Granny

Dane with his teacher, Mrs Truett
With his best friend in his class, Liam

I was in charge of bringing a salty snack.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  I recruited my friend Kristy from work to help me make the antlers while we were sitting around waiting on patients.  :) 
After the party Dane went to Orange with his Granny.  Kevin and I went down on Saturday so we had  Friday night to ourselves.  Since Dane wasn't home he didn't do a Christmas countdown activity.  Kevin and I celebrated with dinner at Sho Guns for some Japanese food on the hibachi grill, and then we went home and Kevin put together Dane's Santa's gifts, and I wrapped all the presents.  Not a romantic date night, but it was nice to get that stuff done so we didn't have to stay up late on Christmas Eve getting it all done.  

While we were at dinner I got a picture through text from my mom of this...

Of course, my mom caved and let him open a present early.  She said the entire drive to Orange he was relentless about begging to open a present.  "Just one Granny, please"  So, she gave in and let him open a gift.  I had to make her promise that she wouldn't give in with the rest of the gifts until we got there.  
At his book fair at his school he bought a book called Captain Underpants.  It's a total boy book with crude sense of humor.  He absolutely loves it.  He thinks it's hilarious that Captain Underpants wears nothing but his underwear and his cape.  What can I say... I didn't take him to the book fair, Kevin did.  Well, we found out that Captain Underpants has a whole series of books, so this gift was the box set.  It came with a blow up Captain Underpants which Dane thought was just the funniest thing ever.  He loved it, and was super excited.  

Saturday Kevin and I drove down to Orange to have Christmas with everyone in Orange.  
We attempted to do Day 4, but it was a a bit of a flop.  We went to the nursing home to pass out candy canes to the residents.  Dane in the car was all about it, but as we walked into the first person's room he totally froze up and wouldn't give the woman the candy cane.  He had a shy moment, and just froze in his tracks.  We went to a couple rooms and it was the same thing each time.  My mom and I gave the old people the candy canes, and a few nurses but Dane wanted no part of it.  I think it just freaked him out or something.  So, that was it.  We didn't force him to do it, after a couple rooms we called it a day.  

More Christmas fun in Orange up next. 

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