Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Welcome 2014

January is flying by! Can't believe it's already Jan 21st.  We have been pretty busy so far this year. We haven't done anything too exciting, but we are busy bees trying to transform our house.  Kevin gets most of the credit, he has been working hard every free second he gets.  We are in the middle of changing several rooms around.  Our guest room is becoming a baby room, our office is becoming a guest room, the tv room will be an office, and our living room will become the main sitting/tv area. Lots of changes taking place in our house.  I'll have to take pics of all the final changes once we are done.  The baby room is officially painted.  It's empty at the moment, but will be filled soon hopefully.  Kevin painted the new guest room, put together a dresser, and hung some decorations.  He has also touched up the paint in the new office, put together some furniture for that room etc.  The list goes on and on all that he has done the last few weeks.  I have been in full on planning mode for Dane's birthday party.  
I'm hoping that it all comes together, and is a fun party.  Dane has been counting down since January 1st hit the calendar.  Beyond excited to turn 6.  

Some random pics from the last couple weeks.  
hanging out with Darth Vader
Sunday School
playing a little poker, I mean go fish :)
We had a little oven fiasco the day it was 30 degrees outside.  Started cooking and our fire alarms went off, and our house filled with the most awful smell I had ever smelt.  Long story short... We had to turn off our oven and heater and we had all our doors open in our house.  Found out we had a gas leak in our oven.  We were freezing in our house for a few hours.  We were all wearing heavy coats and beanies on our head.  Dane found this headband, it was hilarious.  
A night out with great friends!
We have spent lots of time at the park near our house.

The traffic has been terrible lately.  So much worse than it already was.  Pray for me.
Dane came home with a Sight Word King award.  He knows all his sight words, and evidently said them the fastest.  The fast part is coming from Dane... so not sure if that was really the case or not.  :)
The park, ice cream date, and running into a classmate friend at Willies and getting to play for a couple hours makes for a good Saturday.
Our new office which was our tv room was a wreck while being transformed, so Kevin made Dane a pallet to chill on while we tried to sleep Saturday morning.  The little dude wakes up before 6:30 every Saturday. Ugh!
My 2 goofballs being goofy on the patio at Gringos.  Gorgeous day Monday, so we had dinner outside. 
More park action

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013!!

I can't believe that 2013 is over! It was a fast year! 
Kevin's parents watched Dane so we could have an evening out for New Years Eve.  We went to PF Chang for dinner.  Something ironic is that when I was pregnant with Dane we went there as well for NYE, and sat in the exact same table.  The wait was incredibly long, so we decided to sit in the bar and the only table left was the short part of the bar at the very end of the counter.  Same thing that happened NYE 2007.  It was a deja vu moment for sure.  
We enjoyed dinner, and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Aggies play in their Bowl game.  Grandpa and Dane did some fireworks at the house before turning on the Ags!  
It was a low key NYE.  We drove home during halftime, and finished watching the game before calling it a night.  
Goodbye 2013!!