Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas in Orange

We got together with my family at my grandpa's house for the Ellis Christmas.  Having everyone together makes me miss my grandma so much.  It's just never been the same without her.  I know that she would have loved to have seen Dane, Hadley and Baylor interact with one another.  The afternoon was filled with loud screams and giggles from those three.  They just have so much fun together and love each other so much.  It's always nice to see my family, and to catch up with everyone.  It was a low key evening with yummy gumbo, and lots of laughs.  I failed miserably with taking pictures.  
I only got just these from my cell phone of the kids together, didn't even think about taking any of the family. Fail.  Pregnancy brain I tell ya.  

I caught Hadley breaking into the chex mix

Baylor eating cheese dip.  I'm so jealous of Lindsay... both of her kids will eat anything! Not picky at all!  :)
Bay giving Dane a ride on the walker

Hadley "attacking" Dane with a big ol hug! HAHA
love these 2

That evening Dane and my niece and nephew got to open up some presents from Granny and Poppy and our presents to them. They got some great stuff, Dane was so excited.  

My niece and nephew were really sweet and got Dane a present with their own money.  

Lauren is obsessed with the One Direction boys band.  So, I got her a throw pillow of her boys.  Reminds me when I had a sleeping bag of New Kids on the Block.  HA


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