Monday, February 17, 2014

Hey Batter Batter...

Saturday was gorgeous with perfect weather.  One of those days that you just have to be outside to enjoy the day.  I had gone that morning to get my hair cut, and came home to Dane playing with his DS and Kevin doing school work.  Our house seemed gloomy, and I just wasn't having it.  I needed us to get out of the house and enjoy the sunny weather.  Kevin agreed so we packed up and left and had no idea where we were going.  We started driving, and decided we were going to find a place we could eat lunch outside on a patio.  But, nothing was really jumping out at us.  We were halfway down 1960 when one of us (I can't remember who) mentioned the Aggies and wondered if they had a baseball game that weekend.  I looked it up on my phone and saw that they played at 2:05, it was 12:35.  We gave it a quick thought and next thing we knew the car was turned around and we were headed to the house to grab a couple things like a blanket and then on the road to College Station.  Very spontaneous trip!! We got there in plenty of time to get tickets and a place on the lawn before the first pitch. One of the perks of living in Cypress.  I love that we are only about 45 minutes from Aggieland.   It was a great day for a baseball game!! Perfect weather!! Dane had a blast playing with some boys at the playground that's right next to the field, rolling down the big hill, eating popcorn and we had fun watching the Aggies kick some bootay.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014


We had a pretty low key valentine's.  Dane's school didn't do an actual v-day party that parents were allowed to come to, they just took turns passing out their valentines to each other at the end of the day.  He came home with a bag full of cards and candy that should last him to the next holiday.  :) 

Kevin and I made a deal we weren't going to do much to celebrate the holiday, we are really trying to save money, and quite honestly I just didn't have the energy to put a lot of thought into it this year.  I usually love valentine's day and trying to come up with homemade sweet gifts, but I just wasn't into it this year.  Is that bad? I blame it on the pregnancy.  But, Kevin didn't let me boycott it completely.  I woke up Wednesday to a sweet note in my car, then got home to my favorite candy taped to the door in our garage, and Thursday there was a note in my bathroom, and a little present on the kitchen table that evening that Dane helped pick out.  It was a cute scarf from Charming Charlie's.  I appreciate the sweetness.  It truly is the little things that are sometimes the most special.     

Friday evening after we got home from school and work we had some fun taking cute pictures with some props I had found earlier in the week while cleaning out a closet.  And Dane got to open up a v-day present from us.  I got him some candy of course, and bathtub crayons and beads that change the bath water into fun colors.  The kid loves his bath time.  Would stay in there for hours if you let him.  The thing he was most excited about was a bag full of bubble gum balls.  Ha He loves gum!
Then we went over to Willies to eat dinner and let Dane play.  Yes, the most romantic restaurant there is! HAHA Nothing says romance like hamburgers, po boys and chips and queso.  But, we didn't want to fight the crowds, and it was a nice afternoon to be outside.  We came home and made valentine brownies, and pretty much called it a night.  

Dane picked out this card for me all by himself.  He told Kevin that he wanted to get me a princess card because girls like princesses.  He also told Kevin what he wanted to write on the inside of the card. No help from Kevin except for the spelling. Soooo sweet.  I just loved it, and I think he was so sweet to want me to have this card.   Oh, and the extra bonus... this card sings when you open it!!!! :)  Dane was adamant that this was the right one, when he heard that it sings about every girl wanting to be a princess.  He can be such a sweetheart sometimes.  

Will you be my valentine??

Monday, February 10, 2014

The latest...

What to report??
I feel like this year there hasn't been much to talk about.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  Besides working everyday we really haven't done much outside doing house work and such.  I've been trying to take it easy whenever I can.  Being pregnant has slowed me down a bit.  I have 16 weeks left until I start my "maternity leave".  And you can believe that I am counting down!

Here's some latest cell phone pics

We went for pizza one night at Candelarias, and Dane somehow won these silver chains out of a gum ball machine with no quarters.  He has a gift for winning stuff out of those machines rather it be a stuffed animal or candy etc, and 9 times out of 10 he doesn't have money to begin with.  It's a big mystery, but anyway he managed to win these chains, and he suddenly became a gangster.  Ha.  I might have encouraged the peace sign, but his "mean pouty" face came with no prompting.  

I had a dr appt the same afternoon that Kevin was teaching his night class, so Dane got to hang out with me for hours while we waited on my doctor.  There was a miscommunication of sorts, and somehow I wasn't on the schedule.  So, we had an extra long visit in the medical center.  Yeah, good times.  
You can see that Dane was totally appreciating being stuck in a tiny exam room for what seemed like an eternity.  

Baseball season has started!! Opening day isn't till March, but practices have started and Dane is loving it.  He's on the same team as his good friend Dean, and a couple other boys that we know.  His team is the Astros which is cool.  It will be easy to find shirts to go with that team.  Hopefully, the little Astros will be a little better than the Big Astros.  HaHa

 Working hard on his valentines for his classmates.  Yes, Valentine's Day isn't till Friday but I'm all about getting stuff knocked off my list, and not having to worry about it the day before.  

Saturday we celebrated Sophie turning 6! She had a circus theme party with a clown who did face painting and balloons.  We all participated in the fun!

 Tabitha & I with our matching owl tattoos.  Hootie Hoo!
 Dane, the clown and Gage
 There were 5 Chi Omegas in attendance.  So, of course the clown made us matching owls.  Somehow I managed to be the only one to get my owl on my left cheek when everyone else did the right.  
 Dane, Sophie & Gage
While we were singing Happy Birthday Dane kept acting like he was going to blow out the candle.  The song felt like it took all day, as I stared with my mean mom eyes at him, and held my breath.  I knew if he did it there would be one unhappy birthday girl.  Luckily, she blew it out first and he wasn't able to do it.  Mischievous is his middle name.  

Today was the 100th day of school, which is a big deal for the kindergartners.  The teachers make the day fun with a bunch of activities that pertain to the number 100.  The kids are told to make a shirt that has 100 of anything on it.  You can put beads, or sequins, or monster eyes, or anything that you want on the shirt.  It's suppose to be a "fun" family project.  So, with the help of pinterest we came up with this idea.  I knew that if we picked something that had to be hot glued then it would turn into a mom project instead of Dane helping.  I already had the paint, so this little homework assignment only cost me $3.  The shirt was actually on clearance at Target.  Score! 
20 hands x 5 fingers = 100 fingers.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

In a galaxy far far away...

Saturday we entered the dark side and celebrated turning 6 with a bang.  
We had a Star Wars theme birthday party at our house, and Dane had an absolute blast.  We were so thankful that the weather held up for us.  Friday it was cold and yucky, but Saturday ended up being in the low 70's, and the rain held off for the entire party.  We were lucky, because Sunday we woke up to 40 degree rainy weather.  

Dane was so excited for his party, and for his friends to come over to celebrate his big day.  The party was a success, I couldn't have asked for it to go any better than it did.  All the kids seemed to have a good time, and Dane loved everything about the party.   

As the kids arrived they went outside and had light saber wars while we waited on our special guest.  The boys loved the light sabers, they were a hit for sure.  I made them out of the foam tubes that you cover pipes with.  I had no idea that they would actually use them to "fight".  I should have known, but I was naive.  HaHa  But, they had so much fun play fighting with them.  About 30 minutes into our party Darth Vader arrived for some Star Wars fun.  The kids loved it!  He had some cute activities for the kids to do, and he was hilarious with his commentary while keeping the kids engaged.  Lots of fun! 

After doing cupcakes Dane opened up his presents which was really exciting.  
He's been wanting a Nintendo DS for probably 3 years now, and we have been holding off getting him one.  At some point I had told him he couldn't get one until he was 6, really just throwing out a number that was far away from the age he was.  Well, he remembered that and ran with it. He had been talking about turning 6 for months and months and getting a DS when he turned 6.  That's the only thing he wanted.  Well, we had him convinced he wasn't getting one for his birthday.  That he could ask Santa for one, and since he didn't want to wait till next Christmas he decided he was going to "save" his money and buy himself one.  He literally talked about wanting a DS every single day for months.  We actually bought it on Black Friday for a great price, but we told him over and over that he wasn't getting one. Tricky.  He was so excited to open up the DS.  He asked if it was real, and had a huge smile on his face.  Favorite part of his birthday for sure!!   

It was a great party, hopefully one that Dane will remember years from now.  Turning 6 was a lot of fun!!  

 Now for the overload of pictures.  


Thermal Detonators aka oreo balls... y'all amazing!! Very addicting! Thanks Zab for this idea and recipe.

And the party begins... light saber wars like no other

Zach, Dane, Jordan & Preston
Liam, Ammar and Hadley join the bunch


Liam & Dane
Liam, Dane, Zach & Dean
Darth from the dark side has arrived

Dane & Gage


Gage, Dane, Zach, Lilly & Sophie

Hadley being hilarious
Sweet Baylor cracking me up!

And we couldn't let the kids have all the fun
Me, Tabitha & Christy

Happy 6th birthday Dane!