Monday, February 3, 2014

In a galaxy far far away...

Saturday we entered the dark side and celebrated turning 6 with a bang.  
We had a Star Wars theme birthday party at our house, and Dane had an absolute blast.  We were so thankful that the weather held up for us.  Friday it was cold and yucky, but Saturday ended up being in the low 70's, and the rain held off for the entire party.  We were lucky, because Sunday we woke up to 40 degree rainy weather.  

Dane was so excited for his party, and for his friends to come over to celebrate his big day.  The party was a success, I couldn't have asked for it to go any better than it did.  All the kids seemed to have a good time, and Dane loved everything about the party.   

As the kids arrived they went outside and had light saber wars while we waited on our special guest.  The boys loved the light sabers, they were a hit for sure.  I made them out of the foam tubes that you cover pipes with.  I had no idea that they would actually use them to "fight".  I should have known, but I was naive.  HaHa  But, they had so much fun play fighting with them.  About 30 minutes into our party Darth Vader arrived for some Star Wars fun.  The kids loved it!  He had some cute activities for the kids to do, and he was hilarious with his commentary while keeping the kids engaged.  Lots of fun! 

After doing cupcakes Dane opened up his presents which was really exciting.  
He's been wanting a Nintendo DS for probably 3 years now, and we have been holding off getting him one.  At some point I had told him he couldn't get one until he was 6, really just throwing out a number that was far away from the age he was.  Well, he remembered that and ran with it. He had been talking about turning 6 for months and months and getting a DS when he turned 6.  That's the only thing he wanted.  Well, we had him convinced he wasn't getting one for his birthday.  That he could ask Santa for one, and since he didn't want to wait till next Christmas he decided he was going to "save" his money and buy himself one.  He literally talked about wanting a DS every single day for months.  We actually bought it on Black Friday for a great price, but we told him over and over that he wasn't getting one. Tricky.  He was so excited to open up the DS.  He asked if it was real, and had a huge smile on his face.  Favorite part of his birthday for sure!!   

It was a great party, hopefully one that Dane will remember years from now.  Turning 6 was a lot of fun!!  

 Now for the overload of pictures.  


Thermal Detonators aka oreo balls... y'all amazing!! Very addicting! Thanks Zab for this idea and recipe.

And the party begins... light saber wars like no other

Zach, Dane, Jordan & Preston
Liam, Ammar and Hadley join the bunch


Liam & Dane
Liam, Dane, Zach & Dean
Darth from the dark side has arrived

Dane & Gage


Gage, Dane, Zach, Lilly & Sophie

Hadley being hilarious
Sweet Baylor cracking me up!

And we couldn't let the kids have all the fun
Me, Tabitha & Christy

Happy 6th birthday Dane!

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