Monday, February 10, 2014

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What to report??
I feel like this year there hasn't been much to talk about.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  Besides working everyday we really haven't done much outside doing house work and such.  I've been trying to take it easy whenever I can.  Being pregnant has slowed me down a bit.  I have 16 weeks left until I start my "maternity leave".  And you can believe that I am counting down!

Here's some latest cell phone pics

We went for pizza one night at Candelarias, and Dane somehow won these silver chains out of a gum ball machine with no quarters.  He has a gift for winning stuff out of those machines rather it be a stuffed animal or candy etc, and 9 times out of 10 he doesn't have money to begin with.  It's a big mystery, but anyway he managed to win these chains, and he suddenly became a gangster.  Ha.  I might have encouraged the peace sign, but his "mean pouty" face came with no prompting.  

I had a dr appt the same afternoon that Kevin was teaching his night class, so Dane got to hang out with me for hours while we waited on my doctor.  There was a miscommunication of sorts, and somehow I wasn't on the schedule.  So, we had an extra long visit in the medical center.  Yeah, good times.  
You can see that Dane was totally appreciating being stuck in a tiny exam room for what seemed like an eternity.  

Baseball season has started!! Opening day isn't till March, but practices have started and Dane is loving it.  He's on the same team as his good friend Dean, and a couple other boys that we know.  His team is the Astros which is cool.  It will be easy to find shirts to go with that team.  Hopefully, the little Astros will be a little better than the Big Astros.  HaHa

 Working hard on his valentines for his classmates.  Yes, Valentine's Day isn't till Friday but I'm all about getting stuff knocked off my list, and not having to worry about it the day before.  

Saturday we celebrated Sophie turning 6! She had a circus theme party with a clown who did face painting and balloons.  We all participated in the fun!

 Tabitha & I with our matching owl tattoos.  Hootie Hoo!
 Dane, the clown and Gage
 There were 5 Chi Omegas in attendance.  So, of course the clown made us matching owls.  Somehow I managed to be the only one to get my owl on my left cheek when everyone else did the right.  
 Dane, Sophie & Gage
While we were singing Happy Birthday Dane kept acting like he was going to blow out the candle.  The song felt like it took all day, as I stared with my mean mom eyes at him, and held my breath.  I knew if he did it there would be one unhappy birthday girl.  Luckily, she blew it out first and he wasn't able to do it.  Mischievous is his middle name.  

Today was the 100th day of school, which is a big deal for the kindergartners.  The teachers make the day fun with a bunch of activities that pertain to the number 100.  The kids are told to make a shirt that has 100 of anything on it.  You can put beads, or sequins, or monster eyes, or anything that you want on the shirt.  It's suppose to be a "fun" family project.  So, with the help of pinterest we came up with this idea.  I knew that if we picked something that had to be hot glued then it would turn into a mom project instead of Dane helping.  I already had the paint, so this little homework assignment only cost me $3.  The shirt was actually on clearance at Target.  Score! 
20 hands x 5 fingers = 100 fingers.  

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