Sunday, February 16, 2014


We had a pretty low key valentine's.  Dane's school didn't do an actual v-day party that parents were allowed to come to, they just took turns passing out their valentines to each other at the end of the day.  He came home with a bag full of cards and candy that should last him to the next holiday.  :) 

Kevin and I made a deal we weren't going to do much to celebrate the holiday, we are really trying to save money, and quite honestly I just didn't have the energy to put a lot of thought into it this year.  I usually love valentine's day and trying to come up with homemade sweet gifts, but I just wasn't into it this year.  Is that bad? I blame it on the pregnancy.  But, Kevin didn't let me boycott it completely.  I woke up Wednesday to a sweet note in my car, then got home to my favorite candy taped to the door in our garage, and Thursday there was a note in my bathroom, and a little present on the kitchen table that evening that Dane helped pick out.  It was a cute scarf from Charming Charlie's.  I appreciate the sweetness.  It truly is the little things that are sometimes the most special.     

Friday evening after we got home from school and work we had some fun taking cute pictures with some props I had found earlier in the week while cleaning out a closet.  And Dane got to open up a v-day present from us.  I got him some candy of course, and bathtub crayons and beads that change the bath water into fun colors.  The kid loves his bath time.  Would stay in there for hours if you let him.  The thing he was most excited about was a bag full of bubble gum balls.  Ha He loves gum!
Then we went over to Willies to eat dinner and let Dane play.  Yes, the most romantic restaurant there is! HAHA Nothing says romance like hamburgers, po boys and chips and queso.  But, we didn't want to fight the crowds, and it was a nice afternoon to be outside.  We came home and made valentine brownies, and pretty much called it a night.  

Dane picked out this card for me all by himself.  He told Kevin that he wanted to get me a princess card because girls like princesses.  He also told Kevin what he wanted to write on the inside of the card. No help from Kevin except for the spelling. Soooo sweet.  I just loved it, and I think he was so sweet to want me to have this card.   Oh, and the extra bonus... this card sings when you open it!!!! :)  Dane was adamant that this was the right one, when he heard that it sings about every girl wanting to be a princess.  He can be such a sweetheart sometimes.  

Will you be my valentine??

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