Saturday, March 29, 2014

ASTROS!!! Game 1

Baseball season is officially underway.  The Astros first game was bright and early this morning at 8:00 am.  We had to be at the field at 7:30, so it was an early morning.  Somehow our entire team missed the memo that the weather was going to be freezing and extremely windy and get colder as the game went on.  No one was prepared or dressed for the misery that we endured.  Yes, I said misery.  The first game was beyond miserable.  Kevin was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and I was in a t-shirt, capris and flip flops.  Oh, and I didn't dry my hair completely before leaving, thought I would let it air dry.  So, I had wet hair in freezing windy cloudy weather. Hello pneumonia. Miserable I tell ya.

But, let's talk about the game.  Despite the fact the boys were freezing their cute hineys off, shivering and covered in goose bumps they played good and had a decent time for most of the game.  Dane had a good game.  Poor thing was so cold, kept asking how much longer before we could go home but he managed to get 3 hits, and scored twice. He played in the outfield, 2nd base and short stop this game.  He helped with a great play when he was on 2nd.  The ball went to him, he had a great throw to his buddy Dean who was at first, and Dean actually caught it and got the runner out. Lots of cheering took place.  :)  Exciting play for tee-ball.  The game was cut a little short, because the other team chose not to bat their last turn in the last inning and called the game due to the kids being miserable in the cold.   The Astros had fun and enjoyed playing some baseball despite the cold, but we are all hoping that we will have better weather from here on out.  

After the game we had about 30 minutes to warm up in the car before having to head over to get our baseball pictures done.  Our pictures got scheduled after our game, so you can imagine how filthy the boys were.  Hoping the dirt adds some character to their pictures.  :)  We'll see.  

Go Astros!!! 

The day ended up turning out to be gorgeous.  By lunch time it was low 70's, sunny and not a cloud in the sky.  It would have been nice to play the game in that. The weather has been so bi-polar lately, it's crazy.  

The pictures are a little misleading, you can't see their goosebumps or their chins shivering. Ha

Coach Kevin freezing his cute hiney off also
 Getting a little pep talk before batting by his favorite coach

Having a stare off.  Ha

 The best part of the games is if they make it around to home plate without getting out.  Dane gets excited when he scores points.

 Enjoying a baseball donut after the game. 

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