Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cell phone dump

It's been weeks since my last update.  Pregnancy and working full time has taken it's toll.  Basically the last few weeks we haven't done much of anything, nothing worth posting about.  I've been having some serious pelvic pain so when I get home I just want to put my feet up. We have been taking it easy lately, not doing a whole lot. 
This weekend was pretty busy, we had Dane's opening day and then we went to Dallas for Dane's bestie's birthday party.  Pics coming soon from all that.  

Here's some recent cell phone pictures from the last few weeks.  

I took a picture of the ultrasound pic of Baby Wittschen. 
I'm currently 25 weeks, and having to see my doctor every 2 weeks now.  The baby is healthy and growing how he should be.  He's just making my pelvis hurt a whole lot, and causing acid reflux that makes me sick at night.  Good times.  Thankful that he is healthy!

We have found a little breakfast house that we like going to here in Cypress.  Their food is cheap and very yummy.  Pretty sure it's fair to say they have the best french toast in town.  :)
This was from a couple weekends ago.  Dane woke up at the crack of dawn, starving and ready to conquer the world.  The kid does not understand what it means to sleep in on a Saturday.  

Where's Waldo??
Dane hiding in the muppet cut out at the theater.  We went and saw the Lego movie which Dane loved.

Baseball practice is every Thursday and Sunday until the games start.  Then it will just go to once a week.  Tee ball is organized chaos at it's finest. It's always funny to watch. Kevin is an assistant coach this year, so he's busy every practice helping to teach the kids what they are suppose to do.  

Since most days I've been confined to the couch since my pelvis is hurting we have been playing a lot of games.  Battleship is a favorite at the moment.  

We ventured out last Saturday to get a few things for the baby's room.  We found some really cute decor at Hobby Lobby.  Dane stayed busy with his DS while we strolled down every aisle. He's almost too big for the Hobby Lobby basket.  Those baskets are tiny... why is that??

A little Uno game that ended with a grumpy pouty britches.  Dane is all about throwing down some draw twos and fours, but if you put a card down that makes him draw... game over.  Kevin and I couldn't help but crack up.  It was hilarious.  
 Sunday Dane asked if he could make his own sandwich.  He told me that he wanted to practice so he could make lunch for him and the baby when I wasn't home.  Sweet gesture, but I'm pretty sure he won't have to worry about having to babysit the baby any time soon.  Is it legal to babysit when you are 6?!?! HaHa

Dane practicing his reading.  He's getting pretty good at sounding out words.   It's neat to watch the learning to read process come to life.  

Thursday Dane got his new baseball uniform.  He was so excited to get #6.  He thinks he got that number because he just turned 6. :)
This is his mean face.  Hoping these little Astros do better than the Real ones! 
Pics from Opening Day and Gage's bday coming soon...

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