Monday, March 10, 2014

Opening Day

Saturday was a busy day.  We had Dane's opening day parade and ceremonies and then we rushed to Dallas for Gage's birthday party.  Very tiring but a fun day.  
The morning started off really early.  We met at the head coach's house at 7:30 for breakfast and to decorate Kevin's truck for the parade.  The boys were so excited, running around with tons of energy and filling up on donuts.  Dane was adorable in his uniform.  We were excited that he got Astros as his team this year.  Makes it easy to find clothing to wear to support the team.  
When it was time to head out the boys loaded up in the truck and headed to the meeting place while all the rest of us headed out to find a spot to park and claim our spot to watch the parade.  
Kevin kept me updated through text with all that was going on with the team while we all waited for it to start.  He told me what boys were having meltdowns, different people he was running into that we knew, that Dane was being good and having a blast, and that the decorations didn't make it.  He was cracking me up with the updates.  Unfortunately, the boys got a little restless while waiting because our truck was near the end of the parade so it took a while for them to leave the parking lot.  All the balloons had been popped, streamers ripped off, posters hanging by a thread etc etc.  Our truck looked pitiful by the time it rolled down the street where we were.  HAHA  But, the kids all looked adorable, and they had so much fun throwing candy and dancing to the music and waving to all the bystanders. 
It was a fun morning, and we are all ready for the season to start! 
Go Astros!!!

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