Saturday, March 22, 2014

Space Center / Toothless

Spring Break fun continued... 

One day last week Kevin and Dane were in Wal-greens when Dane found a flyer that had Space Center Houston on it.  Dane was intrigued and really wanted to go and see the space ships.  The flyer offered a 50% admission coupon which was an added bonus.  So on Tuesday Kevin took Dane there while I was at work.  I haven't been to the space center since I was in 8th grade when my class went for a field trip.  Which obviously was a long long long time ago.  
Dane thought it was super cool to see space ships that were similar to the ones Grandpa worked on when he worked at NASA.  He had a lot of fun, and had so much to tell me about when I got home.

I told Kevin that he needed to write this post since he was there, and I'm not really sure what all everything is in the pictures that he took.  But, this was all he gave me...

sigh. Men.

The boys have spent a lot of time this week at several parks in our area.  They went after their space adventure, and on Wednesday and Thursday as well.  Wed and Thurs were low key days that were spent mostly at home, besides going to the park and taking bike rides around the neighborhood.  Both boys have really enjoyed being out for the week for spring break. 

Wednesday we had an exciting dinner.  While eating a piece of chicken Dane's first loose tooth came out.  Thankfully, it wasn't traumatic or gross or anything out of the ordinary.  I was so happy it came out on it's own, and we didn't have to mess with it.  Because, watching him wiggle that tooth had me a little squeamish.  He was BEYOND EXCITED! He kept staring at it in the mirror, and smiling real big.  He felt so grown.  It looks so weird seeing that hole in his mouth.  He wanted to decorate the envelope for the Tooth Fairy, and he put it under his pillow immediately when he was done.  
He was on cloud 9, and woke up so thrilled that the Tooth Fairy had left him some money and a tooth fairy receipt.  The tooth fairy was extra generous since it was his first tooth.  The tooth fairy from New York heard about it and sent a little reward as well.  He made sure to tell us that we could not keep his money, that it was his and it was going in his wallet.  :)

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