Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day was the 1st official day of Kevin and Dane's spring break.  Since this past weekend wasn't great weather, we didn't do much outside the house so we were all feeling a bit stir crazy.  I unfortunately have to work this week, but Monday I had a short day due to some new software being uploaded and we weren't able to use our machines while the upgrade was going on.  So, I left work at 11:30.  Let me just say that I could definitely get used to only working half days and getting home by noon.  It was soooooo nice getting home so early and having the entire afternoon to hang out with my boys.  While I was at work Kevin took Dane to see the Mr Peabody and Sherman movie.  Dane loved it, and they both agreed it was a great movie.  They ended up running into our friends the Mestayers there so Dane got to sit with his friends Dean and Drew during the movie.  He loved it.  We met back at the house and had lunch, I laid down and took a power nap while Kevin taught Dane how to play Chess.  You know I'm either pregnant or sick if I'm taking naps.  I've never been able to take naps during the day.  Dane found Kevin's Chess set that was special to him, and has been asking and begging for Kevin to teach him for a while now.  Kevin promised over spring break that he would show him the game.  I know nothing about chess except that it isn't an easy game.  There's a lot to it, but Dane actually did pretty good considering he's only 6.  He wasn't able to see the "big" picture of the game, but he was able to look ahead a couple steps and analyze why he should or shouldn't move certain pieces.  
After they played a couple games Kevin took Dane to the library to let him play on the computers and check out a few books.  They ran into Dane's bestie from his class, Liam while there.  Dane was so excited to see another friend.  
While they did that I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure.  Something I haven't done in a very long time.  Then we met at Willie's to sit out on the patio, eat an appetizer, and let Dane play in the sandbox while we enjoyed the weather.  It was gorgeous outside.  While there we ended up running into another kid that is in Dane's class, Evan.  So crazy.  He was blown away that everywhere he went that day he ran into a friend.  We spent a while there before coming home to dinner being cooked in our crock pot, and then relaxed the rest of the evening.  It was a great day.  I loved getting to spend time with them when I normally would have been at work.  
A great St. Patrick's day for the books.  

A St. Patty's day treat... mint oreo brownies.  Delicious!

Dane relaxing in a pink bubble bath.  He loves turning the water different colors.  Cheap entertainment.  

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