Sunday, April 27, 2014

Another day at the fields

Game 4 in pictures

Dane had 3 really good hits, ran fast, and scored 3 points.  

His positions when playing defense this game weren't exciting ones, so he didn't get a whole lot of action this game.  He started to lose his focus while waiting for the inning to end so he could bat again. :)

Great game Astros!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Sunday

 We came back from Orange Saturday evening.  Easter Sunday was a great day.  We woke up to Dane running into our room yelling "Happy Easter".  He was excited that the Easter Bunny had left him some goodies and hidden some eggs around the house.  He got some fun stuff that he was excited about. His basket was a bit random this year, but all stuff the Easter Bunny knew that he would want. He has been wanting a new bible to bring to church because he thought the one he has was too babyish.  So, he got a bible more on his reading level.  Some other things in the basket were a Mario checkers game, a veggie tales movie, a joke book (he is constantly trying to make up jokes), water balloons, a couple little spirals because he loves to write and pokemon trading cards (his new obsession with friends on his bus).  He hunted eggs around the house, and was excited about all his loot.  
We then went to church and listened to a great service, had a yummy lunch and then spent the afternoon outside enjoying the weather.  The boys flew a kite, and Dane played at the park for a while.  
It was a great Easter with my boys.