Sunday, April 6, 2014

Astros vs Padres- Game 2!!

We had another early game Saturday.  Thankfully, even though it was pretty chilly outside again the sun was out and there wasn't much wind like last week.  So, this game was much more enjoyable.  
This was a great game, all the boys played so good and they had so much fun.  There is so much more concentration and understanding this season compared to Dane's first year in tee-ball.  It's really starting to "click", and Dane seems to understand more about what he is suppose to be doing.  He did really well this game, he was focused and had some really good plays. He got to bat 4 times, and had 4 great hits.  He scored the first two times he got hits, and because of the batting lineup the last two times he batted he knocked in the 7th and final run of the inning so didn't get to go all around the bases.  League rules for tee-ball allow maximum of 7 runs or 3 outs per team for each inning.  Our team has gotten pretty good at getting kids out.  It's been exciting to watch, because that doesn't happen very often at this age.  Dane played in the outfield for one inning, pitcher, and then catcher.  When he was in the outfield he didn't have much to do.  I did see him kicking dirt at one point.  :) But, to his defense the ball never went in his direction when he was out there.  The next inning was awesome.  He played pitcher, and had a lot of action.  Basically, every ball hit went straight to him.  He was on top of it, and got  the ball each time and threw it to the base he was instructed by the coaches to throw it to.   We had another exciting moment because Dane threw the ball to first and his teammate caught it and got the kid out.  I couldn't believe it happened again.  We were all so excited in the stands.   The Astros got 4 of the Padres out this game, so we kicked some bootay and won even though they don't make a big deal out of the final score with this age group.  
We played against the Padres who Dane played for last year, and Dane's head coach from last year is coaching again for that same team.  We have seen a lot of Coach Chris since playing for the Padres because his daughter is in Dane's kindergarten class. You can imagine how surprised we were on the first day of school when in walked Coach Chris to Dane's classroom.   Also, on the Padre team is Dane's friend Evan who is also in his class.  So, Dane was excited to see his friends and his old coach who we see around town all the time.  While Dane was playing catcher Coach Chris kept picking on him and making him laugh in between helping his teammates bat.  
It was a great game for the Astros!!

I caught a sweet moment of my boys.  This was right after Dane got his first hit which was his best hit of the game, and made it to first base.  I love that Kevin was encouraging him and telling him how well he was doing.

It's a little lonely in the outfield

Getting hackled by Coach Chris.  Maybe he was trying to distract the other team to help his team out. :) just kidding

His cute face to Coach Chris

Granny was able to make it for this game.  We were all happy and excited to have her in town.

Dane and his buddy Dean after the game. 

Dane being super silly after he had devoured 2 chocolate donuts after the game.  

A couple videos My mom got on her phone

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