Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter fun part 1

As soon as Dane got off the bus Thursday we packed up the car and headed to Orange for a couple days.  We had a great time hanging out with family and having some Easter fun.  

Friday we picked up some lunch and went to the big city park to let Dane play and enjoy the nice weather.  We were there for about 3 hours which seems like a long time but it really went by so fast.  It was beautiful outside with the right amount of wind to keep us cool.  Dane was having a blast playing with a little boy who became his best buddy.  They ran around the entire time playing really hard never growing tired.  

We stopped at the Texas Snowstorm afterwards for some snow cones.  The stand in Orange really has the best snow cones.  I haven't found another stand here in the Houston area that compares to it at all.  I always get the coconut, and they are not greedy with the juice.   Kevin agrees that their chocolate snow cone is the best too.  So, it's a must to stop there anytime we are in town during the spring and summer when they are open.  

Friday afternoon David's daughter Amber and her two girls, Ashlynn and Ava came into town.  It was really good to see them, I hadn't seen them in a long time.   Dane and Ava are only 3 weeks apart, so Dane was really excited to have a playmate.  Us girls went for Mexican food for dinner while David took the boys to eat crawfish.  Well, Dane went with the girls because he doesn't eat crawfish... yet.  

Once we were back home Dane and Ava played hide and seek for hours, and then that evening they dyed and decorated some Easter eggs.  It's funny to see the differences between boys and girls.  Ava was very meticulous with dying her eggs, she wanted them to be perfect and she didn't want to make a mess while Dane would just throw the eggs in the color and slap some stickers on them and call it a day.  It was a great Good Friday all around.  

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