Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Wknd

We spent the long weekend in Orange hanging out with family.  It was very relaxing and low key which is exactly what we needed.  Kevin got his crawfish fix, he went to a boil with my step dad on Saturday afternoon and they ate their weight in crawfish.  Most of our time in Orange was spent lounging by and in the pool, and when we weren't in the pool we were lounging inside. It's nice not having plans and somewhere you have to be.  I like going to Orange and being able to just relax and be a hermit if we choose.  No expectations which is nice sometimes.  Saturday and Sunday we did a lot of swimming at my mom's.  Monday we went over to my Aunt Darla's house for a low key day of swimming and grilling.  We hung out with my mom and her two sisters, my niece and nephew, and my 2 cousins and Hadley and Baylor.  We had a great time, and I was sad to see the weekend end.  
Dane was worn out, and slept the entire way back to Houston.  
Welcome Summer!!

My mom adopted my cousin's dog, Bella.  This dog is SPOILED.  Living the life, and Dane just loved her.  She's so sweet and tiny, and every time I turned around he was sitting next to her and petting her. Very cute.   

Dane making himself at home... the king of the castle

Kevin took this picture with his phone... thought it was funny that he matched the raft exactly.  He was incognito.

And an abundance of pool pictures...

Hadley started calling out that she needed "help" and Dane came to her rescue.  
While she was holding onto him and he was kicking, I heard him say "Come on Hadley, we are almost to the shore".  Thought that was hilarious.  Sweet cousins.  

We only suffered minor rosy cheeks, successful wknd out in the sun!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last week

Dane has 7 more days of kindergarten!! And I have 7 more days of having to pack him a lunch and setting an alarm and having to put out clothes for school, and checking folders etc!! Woohoo!! Can you tell I'm counting down! And I have 25 days till my due date! I can't even begin to tell you how ready I am to get this baby out!  I'm ready for summer and the idea of having "nothing" going on but whatever we want to be going on.  

One day last week (all the days run together with me not working) Dane had Character Book Day.  The kids had to dress up like a character in a book they had at home and bring the book to school.  So, Dane went as Batman.  When we got the information about this day, I honestly had no idea what we were going to have to come up with for a character.  But, Dane remembered on his own that we had a Batman costume and a book that was about Batman.  So, it turned out to be a very easy assignment.  

 A couple afternoons after school we hit up the splash pad for a little while before dinner.  There is always kids there, so Dane has a blast running around in the water playing with them.  I might have ran through it one day because I started feeling too hot sitting there watching him.  I'm sure that was a sight to see... 9 month pregnant mom running through the water and then screaming like a little girl because the water was much colder than I was expecting. It was freezing.  I'm thankful that I don't have to go through the whole summer pregnant, I can't imagine being so miserable on top of sweating my tail off due to the summer heat.  

Since I'm free now during the day I can pick up lunch and hit up the nearest high school and have lunch dates with cute history teachers.  :)
We will definitely do this more often now that I'm not working, but I took Kevin Subway last week and had lunch with him and some of his co-workers.  I got to his school too early, so I had to sit in my car for a while to pass the time.  So, I entertained myself by taking selfies, and playing with fun filters on my phone.  :)
I met some of his students which was hilarious.  They informed me that Mr Wittschen is a very sarcastic teacher.  I had no idea that my husband was sarcastic!! :) Teenagers are funny though, how they talk and enteract just brought me back to my teenage years.  Sigh.  The good ol years.  

Sometimes you just need an ice cream treat from Baskin Robbins after school.  Kevin wasn't home, I can't remember why it was just me and Dane, but he missed out.  The two of us had a little after school date and sat outside and enjoyed some delicious ice cream! 

Friday was Dane's last tee-ball game.  Sniff Sniff.  The next time he plays, which will probably be in the fall he will be in the coach pitch division.  Moving on up!
There was a miscommunication with our team and the team we were suppose to play.  Originally the game was scheduled for Saturday at 4:45 during Memorial Wknd.  Of course, no one wanted to play that time, a lot of people had traveling plans or plans to bbq and swim.  But, we were all going to go with it.  The coach from the other team and our head coach had a conversation about playing either Thursday or Friday.  Our team was told the game had been moved to Friday... well we get to the fields and not a single person from the other team showed up.  We have no idea what happened.  We are thinking that they showed up Thursday or Saturday.  Our kids were all excited to play, so instead of just canceling the game the coaches decided to divide up the kids into 2 teams.  Our team has lots of siblings that play baseball that were there to watch so they were invited to play as well.  Not your typical game, but it ended up being a lot of fun and the kids loved it.  They all got to bat and field and score points, and they thought it was fun to have people normally cheering for them out in the field playing in their game.  So, the Astros played the Astros and guess what... the Astros won.  :)
We were missing a couple players with it being Memorial Wknd, but it was a fun ending to a great season!! The Astros are having a team party this coming Friday to officially end the season, and kick off summer. 

And, a baby bump picture. I know. I totally did not do a good job at posting about this pregnancy.  It's been rough, and I haven't taken many if any bump pictures.  
Here I am at 36 weeks!  Excuse the pj pants, and the chaos behind me... We were in my niece's room while we were in Orange for the holiday wknd, which I will write about later.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


It's starting to feel a little more like summer time.  We have actually been blessed with some nice weather the last few days, not too hot yet.  Dane has 13 more school days left in kindergarten.  So hard to believe.  And we are soooo close to being a family of 4.  My due date is in 5 weeks.  I have a strong feeling that I won't make it that long.  I had some blood work done on Wednesday that I am awaiting results for that will determine if this baby will have to be induced earlier or not.  Nothing about this pregnancy has been easy, so I can't expect the last few weeks to be either. 

I am looking forward to having all of us home this summer.  This will be the first summer since the summer before my junior year in HIGH SCHOOL that I won't be working and have a reason to set my alarm clock.  I've always had a job, most that weren't too hard during high school and college, but they were jobs none the less.  This summer I will have a little bitty thing that will serve as an alarm clock.  :)
I'm looking forward to us getting to adjust to being a family of 4 without the distractions of work and school.  Hoping that it will be a fun and painless process!

We had a nice weekend.  Friday night was a lazy night that involved lounging around watching movies.  Saturday morning Kevin had to go to the college that he works for a seminar.  Dane and I had a lazy morning until Kevin got home and it was time for his baseball game.  The weather was perfect, and the boys had fun and did well. After his game we went to Willies to eat an appetizer and enjoy being outside while Dane played with the kids.  Then we came home and sat outside while we listened to music and Dane "swam" in our blow up pool.  We had a great evening, and really took advantage of  the nice weather.  

Today after church we went to Dane's kindergarten pool party for his Sunday school class.  Dane has had the sweetest teachers for the past 3 years now.  Mr Ozzy and Mrs Kristen started teaching them when the kids were all 3 years old, and loved this class so much.  Every year there is a promotion Sunday where the kids get moved up to another class, and in most classes they get new teachers but Mr Ozzy and Mrs Kristen have moved up with the class to continue teaching them the last 3 years.  The kids just love them, and they really have been such a blessing to our kids. There is about 25 kids on a normal Sunday in their class, and they serve every single Sunday the first hour and teach these kids all about Jesus.  They have the biggest hearts, and so much patience to deal with this wild group.  But, sadly they have decided to take a break from teaching Sunday school for a little bit, so next Sunday is their last Sunday to be the kindergarten teachers. And then June 1st, the kids get promoted to the first grade class, and will have new teachers. Very sad for us parents.  They hosted a graduation pool party at their house today, and to say the kids had a blast would be a total understatement.  Dane loved every minute of the party, and was really bummed when it was time to go.  

Sunday evenings are always a little depressing.  The weekend is coming to an end.  It's back to school and work for the boys tomorrow.  I have lots to do to get ready for this baby this coming week.