Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Busy Bees

It's been a little busy the last week.  Last Wednesday Dane had a baseball game, his field day on Friday, another baseball game Saturday, a birthday party for a friend Sunday, book fair and museum night at school and then another baseball game all on Monday, and then he has a field trip tomorrow.  Whew.  
3 baseball games in 6 days is a lot for this age, and for this pregnant momma.  

I didn't get any pictures of Saturday's game except this one.  It was really windy and sunny at this game, so we were squinting and trying to keep the dirt from blowing in our eyes.  Dane had a special visitor at his game on Saturday.  When we got to the fields we ran into his teacher, Mrs Truett.  Her son was finishing up his game at the same field we were playing on.  So, she ended up sticking around and watching a lot of Dane's game.  He was a bit star struck, couldn't believe his teacher was somewhere that he was outside of school.  She got to see him make a really good hit, and score a run and play really well at first base.  I thought it was sweet she stuck around to watch him play.  
One of the highlights of the field that we played on on Saturday is that it's right next to the concession stand.  Dane doesn't really ask to go when we are at a field that is far away from the snacks, I guess it's out of sight out of mind, but he is all about it when we are next to it.  He was very excited to get popcorn after his game.  He told me it's the best popcorn that he's ever had.  I have to agree that it's really good! 

Sunday afternoon was Dane's friend, Dean's birthday party.  It was at Sandlot sports right by our house.    The boys got to get all sweaty playing dodge ball, kick ball, baseball etc.  They had so much fun!! They were dripping in sweat, every single one of the boys had crazy hair all sticking up in crazy places.  Hilarious.  

Dane got off the bus Monday and had about 45 minutes to eat a snack and hang out a little before he had to get ready to head back up to his school.  He had to wear his baseball uniform since his game was right after his school events.  His school had museum night and book fair.  Museum night is where every student picks one of their art pieces to be hung up on the hallways of the school.  It should really be called art work scavenger hunt.  All of the art was just randomly put on the walls, not grouped by grade or teacher so you had to look at every single one to find your kid's art.  Dane told us that he had  chosen his "abstract" circle one, so that helped but it took a little while to find the one with his name under it.  He didn't have a reason as to why he chose this one to be displayed and not one of the others.  But, he was proud to show us his master piece.  Then the school had fundraiser type activities and events to participate in before heading to the library to go to the book fair.  
Dane already knew which book he wanted to buy before we even got there.  The kids were brought to the library during school to "look around".  Those teachers know how to work it!
Dane chose the 9th book of the Captain Underpants series.  He got the first 8 from my mom at Christmas, he loves those books.  They are filled with crude potty jokes which is right up his alley.  

Dane had a good game.  He got a couple hits and runs and got to play pitcher which is his favorite along with first base and short stop.  We did have our first injury this season... Dane was running home from third base and the pitcher who has a really good arm on him threw the ball and it slammed into Dane's arm really hard.  Little traumatic, but he still got back out on the field and continued to play.  But, all was good because he got the game ball for playing hard after being hurt, and got cupcakes for after game snack for Dean's birthday.  Monday was Dean's actual birthday so the team celebrated after the game.  Dane was very excited about getting the game ball!

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