Thursday, May 1, 2014

Changes are good!

A little update with what's been going on around these parts.  I can not believe it's already May.   Dane's kinder year is almost over and we have about 7 weeks left till we meet this new baby.  Time is just a marching on.  

We had "planned" for me to stop working at the end of May, take my maternity leave and then become a stay at home mom.  But, sometimes life has other plans. Sometimes those alternate plans are not what you were expecting at all, but they turn out to be a better plan than you had come up with.  I'm now officially a stay at home mom.  I got to start my new gig about 7 weeks early, and it's just been the greatest thing ever.  I'm able to rest more which has been the biggest blessing in it's self.  This pregnancy has been pretty rough with pelvic pain, but since I've been not sitting in traffic for 3 hours a day and not on my feet the entire day my pain has been much more tolerable.  I'm able to put my feet up when I start feeling pain, and not having to fight through it.  
On top of pregnancy issues I have noticed that my stress and anxiety levels have pretty much disappeared.  My shoulders feel so light, and I'm starting to feel happy again.  I'm able to spread out my wife and mom duties, and not have to squeeze everything in during the evenings and weekends. Grocery shopping, and laundry, and cooking dinner etc doesn't seem as stressful because I just have time to do it now.  I can't say it enough, I'm loving this new gig.  I'm sure once the baby gets here things won't be as easy as they are now.  But, I'm relishing in all my free time at the moment.  

Dane is enjoying it too, he gets to sleep in an extra hour plus, I'm able to bring him to school and get him off the bus more often.  We're able to enjoy the afternoons after he gets off the bus because we have more time.  Life is good right now, and I'm thankful.

Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks. 

I'm now able to take Dane to school in the mornings.  Before I would have to be at work by 6 am, or leave by 6 so I could get to work by 8 so Kevin would have to take him on his way to work.  So, now I'm actually able to sit and have breakfast with Dane and he doesn't have to go to school as early.   Even though it's only a 2 mile ride I enjoy our morning chats.  He's always pretty talkative and sweet in the mornings.  He blows me kisses everyday, which I know won't last forever.  

 Lunch dates are now able to happen with friends.  I met Christy one day for lunch, and our date turned into a 3 hour talk session.  Such fun!
 Saturday evening we met up with some friends and grilled and hung out.  Dane had so much fun playing with Zach and Sophie.  It was great to catch up with the Gonzalez family, and out friend Becca, and her fiance Josh and another couple who is friends with Gabe and Christy.  
 It was finally Dane's turn to be the star student in his class. His teacher does it alphabetically, so he has had to be super patient and wait a looooong time for his turn.  I'm sure this won't be the last time he will be waiting for his turn with a W for the last name.  We had to make him an about me poster that he presented to the class, and he gets to be the leader and helper this week for different jobs for his teacher.  He was very excited.  

 We are patiently waiting for our swimming pool to open.  Unfortunately, it doesn't open till Memorial wknd which is a bummer.  But, we have enjoyed a few afternoons after school at the nearby splash pad.  Another perk of me being home right when Dane gets home!

 We had game 5 on Wednesday.  Weekday games are a little tough because most of the kids are tired after being in school all day.  But, overall the kids played well.  

I had a lunch date with this little stud today.  I brought him McDonald's which he considers to be a real treat.  
Some of the neighborhood kids were outside playing this evening, and this is how Dane chose to hang out.  Mr cool.  Ha

Good Times!

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