Thursday, May 8, 2014

Field Trip

Yesterday was field trip day for the kindergartners at Dane's school.  The kids went to the Science Resource Center here in Cypress, then got to have a picnic lunch at a park nearby.  Parents weren't able to go to the science center due to the size of the place, but we were able to meet up with the kids at the park.  The kids were all so excited to tell us about the crazy animals and things they saw at the science center.  Dane couldn't believe that his teacher wore a huge snake around her neck... I couldn't believe it either when he told me.  
So, a funny story-
While the kids were eating their lunch at the park our attention was suddenly turned to about 10 men walking out from the woods that surrounded the park.  These men were in orange and white striped shirts and pants all carrying chain saws.  Yes, at the field trip there was prisoners coming out of the woods carrying chain saws.  Not what you expect at all.  All the kids sat there staring at first, then you hear adults saying they are tree cutters.  But, you can't trick these smarty pants.  I heard Dane telling his friends "those guys look like they escaped prison".  I just about died.  
And just as the teachers were trying to convince the kids that they are just normal men cutting trees the guys start heading to a truck, and we can see the back of their shirts.  Well, guess what happens in kindergarten?? These kids learn to read.  It was like a choir of kids all together reading "COUNTY JAIL" all at one time.  All we could do was just laugh, and hope these guys were low risk prisoners. Ha It was pretty funny and unexpected.  
Dane had a good time at his field trip.  He only has 4 more weeks left of kindergarten.  Can not believe that it's almost over. This school year flew by!

Dane was so excited getting off the bus when he saw me... looks like he nearly threw his shoulder out of socket HAHAHA

these 3... Dane with his besties Liam and Evan

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