Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Wknd

We spent the long weekend in Orange hanging out with family.  It was very relaxing and low key which is exactly what we needed.  Kevin got his crawfish fix, he went to a boil with my step dad on Saturday afternoon and they ate their weight in crawfish.  Most of our time in Orange was spent lounging by and in the pool, and when we weren't in the pool we were lounging inside. It's nice not having plans and somewhere you have to be.  I like going to Orange and being able to just relax and be a hermit if we choose.  No expectations which is nice sometimes.  Saturday and Sunday we did a lot of swimming at my mom's.  Monday we went over to my Aunt Darla's house for a low key day of swimming and grilling.  We hung out with my mom and her two sisters, my niece and nephew, and my 2 cousins and Hadley and Baylor.  We had a great time, and I was sad to see the weekend end.  
Dane was worn out, and slept the entire way back to Houston.  
Welcome Summer!!

My mom adopted my cousin's dog, Bella.  This dog is SPOILED.  Living the life, and Dane just loved her.  She's so sweet and tiny, and every time I turned around he was sitting next to her and petting her. Very cute.   

Dane making himself at home... the king of the castle

Kevin took this picture with his phone... thought it was funny that he matched the raft exactly.  He was incognito.

And an abundance of pool pictures...

Hadley started calling out that she needed "help" and Dane came to her rescue.  
While she was holding onto him and he was kicking, I heard him say "Come on Hadley, we are almost to the shore".  Thought that was hilarious.  Sweet cousins.  

We only suffered minor rosy cheeks, successful wknd out in the sun!

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