Sunday, June 29, 2014

3 weeks

A look into my cell phone the last couple days...

Wednesday we attempted to go to the pool, it was an overcast day so a perfect day that all 4 of us could go. It wasn't that hot, so I knew Jace would be ok. It took us a good 45 minutes to get everyone ready and everything packed that both kids would need.  I've forgotten how long it takes to get out of the house with a newborn and all the stuff you gotta remember to bring with you anytime you go anywhere.  But, we finally got out the house and pull up to the pool only to find that it was closed because of a few rain drops.  Talk about a huge disappointment.  Dane was not a happy camper, lots of pouting going on.  We saw him sitting like this so Kevin and I got our sad faces on and took this picture.  HAHA Makes me laugh looking at Dane.  
At one point he was being a serious pouty britches and we told him that it wasn't our fault that we couldn't swim, and that the pool was closed. He then said "I know it's not your fault, it's Jesus's fault for making it rain".  Hilarious.  Cracked us up.  
 We did feel bad that we couldn't swim, so we headed to Sonic to get a summer treat to help turn our frown upside down.  Kevin and I got coke floats, and Dane got ice cream with oreos.  Drinking coke floats makes me think of my Nannaw.  She always had blue bell vanilla ice cream and cokes, and would offer to make floats for us anytime we were at her house.  

Jace turned 3 weeks on Wednesday.  Part of me feels like I can't believe he is already 3 weeks old, that it has gone by so fast.  And the other part of me feels like I was pregnant so long ago, it seems longer than 3 weeks ago that I was so miserable.  Maybe I've blocked it out.  
But, little guy is 3 weeks old.  It's been an easy 3 weeks with him.  Yes, we are tired at night when he is awake to eat, but it hasn't been bad.  I think it really helps that neither of us is working right now so we can take turns dealing with the night time feedings and we aren't having to get up super early in the mornings.  He is still sleeping a lot during the day, still pretty content unless he is hungry.  He goes back and forth with drinking 3 and 4 ounces every 3-4 hours.  Sometimes he is starving and will eat pretty quickly, and other times it's like he just wants to snack and it will take him forever to eat.  

To celebrate him turning 3 weeks we watched the USA play against Germany. :) I found this little shirt that was Dane's and thought it was a perfect shirt for him to wear to cheer on the Americans.  

Jace yelling USA!!

And how Jace felt when Germany scored...

Cheering that even though we lost, USA gets to go to the next round!!! USA!!

And he was done... he can fall asleep anywhere. :)

Jace's hair is getting blonder and his eyes are getting bluer.  

Another afternoon at the pool.  The evenings have been perfect this week, little overcast and not that hot.  

Evening baseball practice.  Dane will be playing coach pitch in the fall, so Kevin and him have been working on that.  

Jace and I sometimes watch if it's not too hot.  Jace enjoys taking naps outside, and I enjoy having wine  while enjoying the breeze. 

Jace looking like he's thinking "Come on Mom, enough with all the kisses"

 Little Cuddle Bug

Can't believe June is just about over.  Summer goes fast when you aren't working.  Really fast.  

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