Sunday, June 1, 2014

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I found this little gem in a notebook Dane had left in my car after getting back from Orange.  It made me laugh.  Orange is in it's own little world.  Ha

The kindergartners are having lots of fun the last couple weeks of school.  Everyday there has been something fun planned or a theme they have to go along with.  Still in a bit of denial that kinder is nearly over.  4 more days.  
There was the character book day I already posted a picture from.  
 Monday was a holiday, so no school. Tuesday of this past week the kids wore pjs, brought a blanket and flashlight and got to read "under the stars".    
Wednesday was Whacky What are you Wearing Wednesday. 

Thursday the kids brought a picnic lunch and got to eat lunch outside on the playground and have an extra long recess. 
Friday was career day, so the kids dressed up like what they wanted to be when they grow up.  We totally worked with what we already had around the house.  So, on this day Dane wanted to be a construction worker. :)

Tomorrow the kids get to bring a beach towel, and 10 of their favorite books and will get to sit outside and read.  Tuesday is game day, so they get to bring a board or card game to share with the class.  Then  Wednesday is end of school party day, and then the last day is Thursday.  :(
Insane how fast it has gone.  

When we left Orange Monday we drove into some really bad weather once we got into Houston.  Apparently, it had been storming all day.  Glad that we had great weather while in Orange.  But, the rain stuck around and it was just as terrible on Tuesday.  So, I didn't get to the grocery store like I had planned.  Wednesday morning while getting Dane ready for school, I realized that I had nothing in my fridge or pantry that I could make a lunch out of.  Completely bare.  I didn't even have anything to make a sad pitiful terrible lunch for Dane.  I checked the school website to see if the cafeteria would be serving something Dane would eat.  It was something weird and I knew he would just go hungry instead of even getting a tray when he saw what was being served.  He's never been that kid who will just eat whatever if he is hungry enough.  He's too stubborn for that. So, I brought him chick fila and had lunch with him.  He didn't seem to mind too much that I was bringing him chicken nuggets! :)
My grocery visit took a little longer than normal this go round because I had to nearly buy out Kroger because we were out of everything.  

Friday night was Dane's end of season party for tee-ball.  The party was at a splash pad, so the boys had so much fun playing in the water.  They played for a good long time, then we went into the club house for cookie cake and ice cream and the trophy ceremony.  Dane was just as excited as last year when he saw the trophies.  He was just amazed that it was covered in "gold", and since this year's trophy was bigger than last year's he thought it had to be like the ones that the real Astros get when they complete a season.  I love that he still has a little bit of innocence and can get so excited about a "gold" trophy.  
 Listening to Coach Scott talk about their season.  
 When The coach would call their name he would give a little spill about how that player contributed to the team, talked about their strengths etc.  As you can see Dane was just so proud when his name was called, had a huge smile on his face when the Coach was talking about him.  Melted my heart.  
 This picture is blurry.  :( But, he was so happy when he got his trophy.  

 The glare is terrible on this picture.  We (the parents) couldn't figure out how to position them where there wasn't a glare because the entire room is made out of windows.  We tried several times, quite comical actually but this was the best we could do.  

This weekend we decided it was finally time to get prepared for this baby that will be here before we know it! Talk about waiting until the last minute!  We did a lot of stuff in his room, and bought a few more things that we will need.  Maybe it's because it's the 2nd baby, but neither of us have stressed about it.  I know that babies don't require a whole lot in the beginning, so we have taken our time.  

Dane has been extra sweet lately.  He has been such a helper, always doing things to help me when I ask him without complaining or whining.  Hopefully, that will continue once the baby is here.  I'm to the point that bending over isn't an option anymore.  It's just too uncomfortable.  So, Dane has been helping me load and unload the washer and dryer.  And, he thinks it's a cool chore.  We'll see how long that last! HAHA I appreciate him helping me and being so sweet.  

Kevin had a softball game this afternoon, so Dane and I spent a few hours at our neighborhood pool.  It was our first visit for the season.  There was a boy from Dane's class there, so you can only imagine how excited Dane was to have a friend to swim with.  I'm sure there will be lots of summer days spent at the pool.  Only way to survive the summer temperatures.  

And just like that the weekend is over.  

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