Thursday, June 19, 2014

Father's Day/ Bathtime/ 2 WKS etc

Anyone else feel like Father's Day snuck up on them?  Well, it did for us probably because we had a baby 3 wks early and have had baby on our brain.  

So, Kevin's father day was pretty laid back.  We hung out most of the day, then that afternoon my mom and niece came into town and watched the boys and Kevin and I got to sneak off to have dinner by ourselves.  We enjoyed a nice quite dinner at Johnny Carinos, it had been a long while that we were able to have dinner just the two of us.  I'm extremely thankful that I'm married to a man who is such a great husband and an amazing hands on father to Dane and Jace.  We are one blessed family to have Kevin in it! 

Dane got to go back to Orange with his Granny for the week.  He's been there all week and he's having the best time.  He has spent pretty much every second in the pool swimming.  It has been so quite here with just Jace.  Having just a newborn is easy peasy.  The house is so quite that we are looking around saying what should we do.  It's a little boring without our entertainment here running around with so much energy.  But, we have gotten to enjoy a quite house, watch as many of our shows without interruptions and alone time with our new addition.   

 Monday we went to Willies to watch the USA soccer game.  Kevin loves soccer and loves the World Cup. He had his intense face on the entire game! USA won their first game!! WOOHOO!
 How Jace felt about the game.  

Jace's umbilical cord thingy finally fell off, so we were able to give Jace his first bath.  
He was not a fan of bath time.  At all.  

Wednesday Jace was 2 weeks old! It's been a fast 2 weeks!! Slow down little man, stay little just a little bit longer.  

To celebrate his 2 week birthday Jace and I had lunch with my old work besties.  The ONLY thing I miss about working and my old job is these 3 ladies.  I miss them and all of our laughs, and grateful I got to spend so many years with them.  

Today I took Jace back to his pedi doctor for his 2 week appointment.  He has gained wight, and is now 6 lbs 5 oz, so a little past his birth weight which is great! He is still very tiny though.  He is in the 3% for both weight and height, so he has lots of growing he needs to do.  But, he is healthy and perfect.    We will go back to see his doctor once he is 2 months.  

Summer loving!

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