Friday, June 13, 2014

Hospital fun and we're home!

Last Friday was our last day in the hospital, thankfully.  Jace was 2 days old, and doing well.  It was a very long day, because we were all ready to get discharged and go home.  Unfortunately, we had to stay the entire day and didn't get discharged till close to 5:00, which put us leaving and driving right in the middle of Houston work traffic.  Jace had to have several blood tests run during our stay in the hospital due to our blood types being opposite.  I'm O- and everyone else in the family is O+ which makes me RH negative, and causes bilirubin issues in my babies when they are first born.  It's confusing, but something about our blood mixing and causing me to not have as many antibodies and blah blah blah.  So, Jace has what is called Coomb's disorder, so his bilirubin was higher than should be at first.  He's fine, his blood has been checked 2 more times since we have been home, and everything is in the clear.  
Anyway, I was discharged first thing Friday morning, but obviously I wasn't leaving until Jace got discharged.  So, after getting his last blood test and results we hit the road! So, Jace and I had lots of time to just sit and wait on Friday.  Kevin had work still he needed to do at his school so him and Dane didn't get to the hospital till after lunchtime.  
I had a great nurses and my hospital stay was as good as it could possibly be, but there is something about being in the comfort of your own home and sleeping in your own bed! 

This pictures gives a little more perspective on how tiny Jace's head is.  It's hard to capture how small he really is in pictures.  He looks much bigger than he actually is in these pictures.  This is Dane's hand on his head.  

Here is Jace as we sit in the wheelchair waiting for Kevin to bring the car around! 

And by this time Dane was in rare form... he was bored and hyper and so tired of sitting in the small hospital room.  So, while we were waiting for Kevin he was putting on a show for me and the help desk workers.  

I had to buy a new head piece insert for the car seat because the one we had for Dane was torn up... but this one that I bought was huge.  Way too big for Jace's tiny head, so I rode with my hand on one side of his head so it wasn't bouncing around.  Long ride home with the traffic, but we made it.  I've had to buy another head piece since this ride home to keep his little head still.

We're home!!!

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