Saturday, June 14, 2014

Last week of Kindergarten

Dane's last week of kinder didn't go quite as planned.  But, that's ok.  We survived the week and everything worked out.  I'm not sure why kids even have to go to school the first week of June, I understand that the state requires so many school days.  Really it's a big waste of time, and just a week that the teachers are having to babysit.  The kids aren't learning any new curriculum at this point in the year.  I think they should get out the Friday before Memorial Day, but no one has ever cared or asked me for my opinion on the matter.  :)  
Anyway, that Monday Dane got to bring a bag full of his own books and a beach towel, and the kids got to sit outside and read and share books.  Tuesday was game day so everyone brought a board game to share.
 Dane came home wearing this hat on Tuesday.  I'm not quite sure the look he was going for.  HaHa

Wednesday was his class party, but Dane didn't get to go to school that day since we were going into the hospital Tuesday night.  I had a lot of mommy guilt Tuesday evening. I just hated for him to miss his party and the fun jumps during PE time because he was looking forward to it.  But, we just couldn't make it happen. The school was already closed so there was no way I could add people to our list of people that could pick him up from school or get him off the bus.  As soon as he found out that Haley was coming to stay with him that night and take him back to College Station to hang out he forgot about the party and was super excited to get to hang out with her.  

Thursday was his last day of school.  I was happy that he was at least able to go on Thursday so he could enjoy the last day of school fun and say goodbye to his friends and teacher. I was sad that I was in the hospital and didn't get to see him that morning and go to his school for the little award ceremony that his teacher put on.  Hopefully, this won't cause years of needed therapy.  :) 

First day of kindergarten and last day of kindergarten

He was awarded The Dreamer award for how creative his imagination is.  I thought it was a perfect award for him, because his imagination is off the charts.  His sweet teacher gave all the kids a book about the last day of kindergarten, and some fun stuff to stay sharp this summer with reading and writing.  

The tooth fairy also made a visit while I was in the hospital.  Dane's 2nd tooth has been loose for a couple months, and it was just hanging on by a thread.  Ugh, gag me.  So, we finally got tired of looking at it and told him that he had to pull it and if he didn't Kevin would.  Well, he didn't want Kevin to do it, so he finally pulled it!! Hip Hip Horray! The tooth fairy didn't get fancy this go round.  Just left a $1 with no note or anything.  She must have been tired from going back and forth into Houston to visit me at the hospital.  Wink wink. 

And just like that kindergarten is over!! It's unbelievable how fast this school year went.  Now, I officially have a 1st grader in the house.  And a couple months to relax and enjoy the summer!!! 

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