Friday, July 4, 2014

4 wks - welcome July!

It's already Friday! I have no idea where this week went.  And I can't even really remember what if anything we did over the last few days.  These summer days are all running together.  We've been taking either morning or late evening strolls around the neighborhood and spending a couple hours most afternoons at the pool.  Dane spends time working on 1st grade material like writing, reading and math.  He's been practicing baseball and riding his bike and of course getting creative with legos etc. He's gotten to hang out with Zach and Sophie a couple times this week, and see friends at the pool.  He's had a good summer so far.  He gets bored from time to time but we are doing our best at keeping him entertained.  

Wednesday Jace turned 4 weeks old.  He officially turned 1 month old today on July 4th!
Time is just a flying by.  Just in the last couple days we feel like he has grown by leaps and bounds.  He doesn't seem as tiny to us.  His head seems bigger, his legs and arms aren't skin and bones anymore, his cheeks have started to fill out, and he seems to be much longer and a little heavier.  His little legs have tiny little rolls now and even his hands seem to have a little more cushion to them.  It's crazy how Kevin and I both just a couple days ago noticed that over night he has put on some weight.  He's still really little but he doesn't have that "oh my goodness he is soooo tiny" look anymore.  He's still as sweet as he can be and eating like a champ.  Over the last week he has become a little more alert.  He still sleeps most of the day, but is waking up for longer periods of time.  Bath time has gotten much more enjoyable for him, as long as it's done after he has a full belly.  He seems to enjoy them now.  If I had to guess I think he might be more on the serious side and a slightly more chill than Dane.  But, we are only 4 weeks in so I know that I cold be waaaay off.  Ha.  

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