Friday, July 18, 2014

6 week summer fun

This week has had a little more action than the last couple.  It's been filled with friends and family and lots of fun.  The weeks of summer are flying by, and all my days seem to run together now.  I'm not complaining, I'm loving being home and not working.  Just wish the days didn't go by so fast.  We are already in the middle of July.  In a blink of an eye it will be time to send Dane back to school and life will get much busier.  

Jace turned 6 weeks old on Wednesday.  6 weeks already.  I forgot how fast the newborn stage goes.  He is seriously the cutest little thing and so sweet.  He is more alert now and not sleeping near as much.  Even at night.  Sigh.  He seems to be a little on the serious side so far, but has started smiling a little more when you are close to his face and are talking to him.  I have to admit he is rotten already.  Spoiled rotten. Loves to be held, and is the most content when laying in someones arms.  It's hard not to want to hold him all day because he is so cuddly.  He has gained some weight for sure, we are thinking but haven't weighed him that he is probably 8lbs now.  He is gaining weight, but losing his hair.  Poor thing, his hair now starts at the middle of his head.  :)  It doesn't matter, he is still super duper cute.  He is trying so hard to start cooing.  It hasn't happened yet, but you can tell he is really wanting to start talking.  It has been a great 6 weeks with little man.  We just love him so much, and so happy he is now a part of our family. 
Doesn't he just look so sweet in his footed pjs? I could just eat him up.  Love these zipper pjs!

One of my old co-workers gave me this adorable onesie.  We just love it, since Dane is a huge Darth Vader fan. 
Baby Darth.

I love his sparkly eyes.  They have really turned into a pretty blue color.  

And his those piggies too

Sunday we had lunch at Gringos with some girlfriends.  My friend Tabitha was driving from Dallas to Orange, but stopping in Houston to watch her nephew play baseball so she made plans to meet me and Christy for lunch.  Our friend Dallas heard Tabitha was driving through and was going to be in Katy visiting her aunt in the nursing home so she joined us too. I was excited that they were going to be close to Cypress and we would be able to get together for a lunch before all going our separate ways.  We had fun catching up and the kids had a blast being silly on the playground.  Dane was over the moon to see Gage.  He doesn't get to see him very often, so he was super excited.  Then Gage and Dane figured out that both of them were going to be in Orange the next day each visiting their Grannies.  So, before we knew they had made plans for us to get together on Monday. 

Monday we packed up and headed to Orange.  Bella, one of my mom's dogs is super attached to my mom.  She has separation anxiety anytime she has to stay home and my mom leaves the house.  She is rotten.  More Spoiled than Jace.  :) But, anytime Jace is being held Bella looks like this.  So pitiful.  She either sits all sad staring at Jace and my mom or she will get right next to her or put her head on my mom's shoulder.  It's hilarious.  She is little jealous of anyone getting attention besides her.
 Jace got lots of loving from Poppy. 

And look how hard of a life Dane has relaxing by the pool.  Don't feel sorry for him.    

Monday afternoon we met Tabitha and Gage at a nearby park.  We both go to Orange to visit our families, but it's rare that we are there the same time.  It just never works out that we are there on the same weekend.  So, we definitely had to take advantage and let the kids play.  It was so hot and humid, so our play date only lasted about 45 minutes.  But, the boys had so much fun.  They were filthy by the time we left.  They are 2 peas in a pod, seriously so silly and goofy together along with being total rambunctious hyper mischievous boys.  Them two together equal serious trouble.  

Tuesday we left Jace with Granny and Lauren and we went to Galveston for a day at Schlitterbahn.  We talked Tabitha and Gage into leaving Lilly with her mom and coming along with us.  I knew that it would be more fun if Dane had a friend to ride the slides with.  We had the best time.  The boys had an absolute blast riding all the slides and swimming and just being together. The boys had huge smiles on their faces the entire day.  They got along great, never upset each other, took turns picking rides and riding in the front of the tubes. It wasn't too crowded and it was overcast most of the day so it wasn't too hot either.  Perfect summer fun for us.  

A before picture...
 This picture cracks me up.  They wrestled and pretend fought the entire day. Such a boy thing to do. This was Kevin pretending to separate them and Dane has his fists going.  We kept telling them that it was all fun and games until someone got hurt.  But, they never made the other one mad or upset with all their horse playing, it was crazy how much fun they had together. 

And here was the After picture.  We were all pooped at the end of the day.  

While we were in Galveston my mom texted me this picture... Jace looked like he was enjoying his time with his Granny and Lauren!

My sweet little guy.  Love this picture, and love his new full cheeks. He is filling out.  

It was a great beginning to the week.  We came back to Cypress and now have 2 special visitors from New York with us for a few days.  Kevin's parents got here Thursday and will be hanging out until Tuesday.  Dane will keep them busy I'm sure!

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