Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Family Time & VBS

We were happy to spend the last week with Kevin's parents.  They were able to come into town on Thursday to spend time with us and meet their newest grandson.  We are so thankful that Barry is doing so well after his horrible accident that happened only 2 months ago.  It's truly a miracle with all his injuries that he is here and has recovered so well.  We spent most of the time hanging out at our house.  Dane and Jace kept them busy the entire time they were here.  They played about 50 rounds of Monopoly Empire with Dane and took turns holding Jace.  On Saturday we wanted to get out of the house, so we thought it would be a great idea to go to Dave and Busters.  We had the same idea that everyone that lives in Houston had, it was so crowded that you could barely walk. While the 3 Crawfords (Kevin, Barry & Dane) walked around playing games the 3 J's (me, Jackie & Jace) went and found a table and relaxed.  It was great to have them in town, and sad that their time here went by so fast.  

 Brotherly love with a side of crazy bed head

 My bald little guy

 Trying to get a nap in... on top of the bed to watch the fan while listening to a white noise app on the ipad.  Ha.  Whatever works right?

 Kevin took this picture while I was out running errands.  He got him to sleep flat on his back in the pack and play... with a speaker and ipod playing a white noise song.  
This picture just makes me laugh.  Where does he sleep the best?? In my arms and in my bed of course.

Vacation Bible School started on Monday, so Dane has been really enjoying that. Our church goes all out for VBS, so it's really exciting for the kids. I volunteered this year and am helping in a room of kids that belong to volunteers that aren't old enough to participate in VBS.  It's been fun, but honestly I'm exhausted.  Jace hasn't been sleeping all that well at night, so getting up super early after a night of no sleep and then spending 4 hours with a bunch of kids has worn me out.  But, Dane has really enjoyed it, and has learned a lot.  The whole theme is based around a video game with Major Steko and his friends who get stuck in a video game which is right up these high tech kid's alley.  Dane has learned so much about Jesus the last couple days.  Our church does such a great job keeping the kid's attention by teaching them with ways they love and can relate to.  

We're pooped.  

Jace is 7 weeks old today!! 
And evidently ready for football season.  :)

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