Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th

Jace turned 1 month old on America's birthday! 
It's been such a fast month, but a great one with him here.   Dane has been great with him, not jealous at all and very sweet and helpful.  I'm very thankful that Dane has adjusted just fine. He's never skipped a beat since Jace has been here. Jace is growing, and doing everything a 1 month old is suppose to do.  Eat, Sleep and Poop.  That's about it.  Ha  Time needs to slow down a little because the weeks are flying by.  

We had a great 4th.  We started off the day going to the Fairfield parade.  We ran into Dane's Kindergarten teacher while we were there and he was over the moon to see her.  I'm sure she was thinking it hasn't been enough time away from her students before seeing him again.  Ha 
Dane got enough candy to fill up our candy bowl along with Popsicles and snacks from the people in the parade.  That's what we needed... Dane full of sugar by 10:00 in the morning.  But, it was a  holiday so it was all good in the hood.  After the parade Kevin and Dane went to the pool for a couple hours while Jace and I stayed at the house.  My friend Tabitha stopped in to visit and to see Jace.  It was so good to see her and Lilly, her 1 1/2 year old.  Lilly thought Jace was a baby doll, she was so cute trying to put a blanket on him and would tell him to swing.   Since her and Jace are only about a  year and half apart I think it will be ok to go ahead and set up their arranged marriage  :)
Later that afternoon we went to dinner at Cheddars and then went to Towne Lake for the Cypress fireworks.  There were inflatables for the kids and live music while we waited for the fireworks.  While we waited for it get dark it started thundering and lightening and the darkest black cloud I've ever seen arrived over our head.  We got nervous that we would get stuck in the mobs of people really far from our car with a newborn if the sky opened up so we went and sat in our car to see if it would pass and if the fireworks would still occur.  The rain held off, so once it got dark we headed to a nearby spot that we would still be able to see the fireworks but close enough to our car if anything happened.  The fireworks were great.  Dane loved every minute of it.  Jace slept through the entire show.  The second the fireworks ended it started sprinkling, and we got everything packed and everyone in their seats in the car before it started raining.  Perfect timing. We had a great day.  Dane had so much fun, and he was so pooped.  He fell asleep before we were out of the parking lot, and then slept til 9:00 Saturday morning.  That never happens.  It was a summer miracle, although Jace had Kevin and I up before the roosters.  

I made firecracker cookies for the 4th.  Instead of sprinkles I used pop rocks.  So funny to see Dane's reaction when he bit into the cookie.  My blue pop rocks was more of a turquoise color which looks more green in the picture.  Oh well.  

Isn't he the cutest little firecracker you have ever seen?

Pizza at the pool... what could be better??

look how stinkin' cute Lilly is.  I could just squeeze her.  

Dane having a good ol time standing up through my sunroof while we waited to see if the black cloud would go away. 

Dane was in the front seat with me while we waited so Kevin had to sit outside.  Ha  It was a long hour of Dane asking literally every 2 minutes if it was time for the fireworks, and if it was going to rain, and that he was hungry and thirsty, and pushing the buttons to my windows and messing with the mirrors etc. You can only imagine how relieved we were when it got dark and we were safe to head to the hill.  :)
Happy Birthday America! And happy 1 month to sweet Jace!

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