Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Sweetness

Last week on Thursday night we finished up with Vacation Bible School.  After a week of volunteering I was exhausted, happy I served but man alive I was so tired.  After being around kids all week, most who had snotty noses, Dane and I ended up both being congested with head colds by the end of it.  Our immune systems was on summer break I guess.   

Jace was tired too even though he didn't attend VBS. 
 I may be wrapped around his little finger... just a little bit.

Dane has been great with the addition of Jace.  He's old enough that he has never been jealous, always understands if we are having to hold or feed the baby.  He's been very helpful when we need him to be, always retrieving diapers or burp cloths etc.  It's hilarious to watch him talk to him, because most of the time he will say that he doesn't know what to talk to him about since Jace doesn't talk back.  So, when he is talking to him it's usually pretty funny telling him silly things that he is doing.  But, since Jace isn't doing much yet Dane leaves him alone for the most part.  He is already protective of him though.  I like to joke around when Jace is fussy or if he spits up on me I'll say out loud that Jace needs to sit in time out.  And Dane will quickly tell me that that is not happening because Jace is a baby.  It always makes me laugh, but happy that he cares enough about him that he doesn't want him to be in trouble.  Hopefully, he will always want to protect Jace and be a role model for him.  
Some poor quality cell pics

One of my favorite things about how babies sleep is when they are on their tummies they pull their little legs up under them and stick their butt in the air.  Too cute.  Jace sleeps on his back at night, but for naps sometimes I'll put him on his stomach if I am able to watch him.  It's really how ever we can get him to sleep and to stay asleep.  

We have been getting more smiles out of Jace and he is focusing on us more when we are talking to him.  He seems to recognize our voices and will follow his head in the direction of our sounds.  It's still a lot of work to get him to smile, lots of in his face and talking to him before his little face will crack a big ol grin.  It is the cutest little thing, completely melts my heart.  He is getting so big and changing so much.  He is finally fitting into his newborn clothes and even some 0-3 month clothes are finally fitting better.  Along with smiles Jace has just figured out he has a tongue in his mouth. He is constantly sticking it out and moving back and forth, which is hilarious.  Bubbles have been something else he has discovered as well.

We try and go to the pool about 2 times a week.  Depending on what is going on one of us will take Dane by ourselves for a couple hours, or if we all 4 go we wait till late afternoon when it's not as hot.  
We need to soak up as much pool time as possible, it's always a long time waiting for it to re-open.  Dane loves swimming, he always has so much fun while we are there.  It's such a good energy buster, he is always pooped after swimming and will sleep a little later than normal.

We entertain ourselves during the safety breaks with selfies.  

Saturday we went to the Discovery Green Park that is in downtown Houston.  We brought a blanket and packed lunches and spent a few hours messing around.  Dane played in the water fountains, and the mist tower, and ran around like crazy on the playground.  It was super duper hot even in the shade.  Jace slept most of the time we were there.  We ended up taking off his onesie and letting him chill in just his diaper since it was so hot outside. He always sleeps so good when we are outside. I'm guessing it's the background noise and the breeze.  I imagine he is dreaming about being in a hammock on a beach with a pool girl bringing him unlimited bottles.  :)

Look how grown Dane looks in this picture.  He looks 7 feet tall to me.  He is a 17 year old trapped in a 6 year old body.  Too smart for his own good.  He has nothing babyish left in him.  

We have a businessman now living with us.  An entrepreneur if you will.  Dane has started a jewelry business out of making necklaces and bracelets out of lego men's legs.  You are not allowed to buy them, only rent because he wants his legos back.  :) They come in different colors, and he said that they would look great if you are going to a fancy party.  All for the low price of $100.  Nothing screams bargain like paying an arm and leg for something you can't keep.  ;)

Sunday at church we had Jace's bible presentation.  Jace was 1 of 3 babies that got to be shown off in front of the church and receive an engraved baby bible.  I feel so guilty because I did not get a single picture of the ceremony or of us at church.  2nd child problems.  In all fairness though we didn't have anyone to take a picture of us in front of the church like we did for Dane.  I was hoping to find a friend before church started but once we were there and it was time for us to line up with our pastor Jace got hungry so we were scrambling to feed him a little before walking out so he wouldn't scream in front of the whole congregation.  It went well, Jace was wide eyed looking at all the lights and I didn't pass out from being in front of hundreds of people.  I was nervous I was going to trip or something.  Ha. 

Dane was so proud that Jace had his own bible, and then when I showed him that he had one just like it with his name on it he thought it was the coolest thing ever.  

And I'm just noticing that Dane and Jace sort of match.  Both in blue and redish orange.  Totally not planned.  

  And some more pics of my sweet blue eyed littlest guy.  His eyes have turned so blue and they have a twinkle in them.  Love them.

That's all for now!

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