Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Today is day 3 of the first week of school.  We are in full swing with our daily routine and things are going well so far.  Dane came home the first two days with a big smile on his face, and woke up ready to go back.  He enjoys being at school and doing everything that goes along with that.  I am in full on stay at home mom mode and I am loving it.  I get up about 6:30 and have time to throw on some clothes, pack Dane a lunch and start his breakfast before waking him up little after 7:00.  While he is eating breakfast I'm able to feed Jace and then he gets dressed and has had about 10- 15 minutes to watch tv before heading to outside to catch the bus.  
Yesterday was Dane's first day riding the bus to school.  Last year he had to go to a before school program since I was working so one of us would take him there in the mornings before heading to work.  I'm excited that I'm home this year and able to have breakfast with him and he can ride the bus to school. 
 I noticed that while we were standing waiting for the bus that I was the only parent at the actual bus stop, and there were several other parents standing in their driveways or on their porches watching their kids.  It didn't take Dane long to notice that either, so he asked if he could do that the next day.  The bus stop is not far from our driveway at all, it's just across the street and a little caddy corner to us so I agreed that he could do that today.  He is truly Mr Independent, and I totally embrace that.  So, this morning I stayed in our driveway while he was at the bus stop, and waited until the bus came and picked him up.  

I've really enjoyed my first 3 days as a real stay at home mom.  I know I haven't been working since April, but those first two months I was big pregnant and feeling terrible so I didn't do much, and during the summer we weren't in any routine and Kevin was home.  But, I'm loving being home.  I'm actually loving doing chores around my house and cooking.  I know that sounds crazy, but I don't have the stress of working all day and having to come home to my mom duties so it's just way different.  Jace and I are enjoying our days.  He's still in the easy stage because he stays where ever I put him, and I can still get done a lot of stuff while taking care of him.  Things are just better and I don't feel as stressed.  I love that I'm able to have breakfast with Dane before he goes to school, and I have more patience with him once he gets home.  It's just so nice to not be stuck in traffic for 3 hours a day, and not getting home til the evening and having more time in the afternoons with my guys.  

I can't help but take tons of pictures of this cute little butterball, especially when he is flashing those gummy grins.  

Jace was feeling fancy on the first day of school so he wore his tux that day.  :)

2nd day of school

 Waiting at the bus stop to ride the bus to school the first time

This morning 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1st Grade!!

I'm still in denial that Dane is old enough to be in 1st grade.  But, it's official my little 6 year old had his 1st day yesterday.  It went great, the morning went pretty smooth.  I got up early to get ready and fix Dane breakfast before waking him up.  Dane was excited to get to his school.  I told him that he looked so cute and big.  He said "well, I'm glad I look cute, but I hope that I don't look too cute because all the girls will want to kiss me and that's disgusting."
um... well, alrighty then.
I told him that he doesn't need to be worrying about girls, and just focus on being a good 1st grader.  Haha  I didn't realize at 6 that was a real concern yet.  

He had a big breakfast, we took lots of pictures then we headed off to his school. He will be riding the bus both ways this year, which he was really excited about.  But, since it was the first day I brought him to the school.  I walked him to his classroom and watched him walk in all confidently and sit down at his desk.  Parents weren't going into the classroom like we did last year in kindergarten, just saying goodbye at the door.  That's when you know that your kid has gotten big.  
Waiting for that bus to pull around the corner feels like an eternity.  I was so anxious to hear about his day.  
He got off the bus with a big smile and told us all about his day.  He seemed to have had a great day, really enjoyed his teacher and all the stuff they did.  We celebrated the day with brownies and ice cream.  
Here's to a GREAT year in 1st grade.