Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1st Grade!!

I'm still in denial that Dane is old enough to be in 1st grade.  But, it's official my little 6 year old had his 1st day yesterday.  It went great, the morning went pretty smooth.  I got up early to get ready and fix Dane breakfast before waking him up.  Dane was excited to get to his school.  I told him that he looked so cute and big.  He said "well, I'm glad I look cute, but I hope that I don't look too cute because all the girls will want to kiss me and that's disgusting."
um... well, alrighty then.
I told him that he doesn't need to be worrying about girls, and just focus on being a good 1st grader.  Haha  I didn't realize at 6 that was a real concern yet.  

He had a big breakfast, we took lots of pictures then we headed off to his school. He will be riding the bus both ways this year, which he was really excited about.  But, since it was the first day I brought him to the school.  I walked him to his classroom and watched him walk in all confidently and sit down at his desk.  Parents weren't going into the classroom like we did last year in kindergarten, just saying goodbye at the door.  That's when you know that your kid has gotten big.  
Waiting for that bus to pull around the corner feels like an eternity.  I was so anxious to hear about his day.  
He got off the bus with a big smile and told us all about his day.  He seemed to have had a great day, really enjoyed his teacher and all the stuff they did.  We celebrated the day with brownies and ice cream.  
Here's to a GREAT year in 1st grade.  

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