Monday, August 11, 2014

A quite week

Last week was really low key and quite.  Dane went to Orange on Saturday and spent the entire week there.  We didn't do too much while he was away.  We went to dinner a couple times, but mostly relaxed at the house.  Kevin was able to get some work done for school, and I did a little house work but we mostly just relaxed and it was nice.  Dane enjoyed being away.  He got to swim a whole lot while he was there, and even got a new little lego set so he was in hog heaven.  

Some phone pics from our lazy week

Melt my heart...

So nice and so clean clean

I put Jace in this bouncer to see if he would like it.  He was still too little for it.  I had to stuff a blanket on one side of him to keep him from falling over to the side and through a leg hole. And his little arms weren't long enough yet to reach the toys.  In a couple more months I bet he will like to be in this.  

Doing a little bonding while hanging out in my lap while I watched tv.  He's just a little spoiled.  

Little man isn't a great sleeper yet.  He is very inconsistent with taking naps.  One day I can get him to sleep for about an hour or longer without being held, but other days he will wake up every single time I put him down.  This particular day he actually slept for 3 hours in his pack and play.  We were so excited!!
And currently while I write this post he has been napping now for over an hour.  I'm holding my breath, and hoping that I can figure out how to get him to be a more solid sleeper.  Let's not even talk about nights.  Sigh.  It's a good thing he is super duper cute. 

Dane came home on Friday, we were happy to see him.  We enjoyed the quite! But, after several days you start missing the noise.  I think Jace was happy to see Dane also.  He missed that crazy kid who gets right in his face and talks in weird voices.  HA

The only ponytails I'll ever get to do besides mine.  :( Ha
Boy Mom problems
Dane has needed a haircut for about 2 months now.  It's summertime so I haven't worried about it until this point.  It's getting so long and it's crazy!! Haircut is on the to-do list this week! 

Summer is winding down.  Besides Dane's hair cut we are all set for school to start.  Trying to get in as much summer fun as we can the last two weeks.

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