Wednesday, August 20, 2014

And just like that summer was almost over

Just some summer randomness...

Kevin's official 1st day back to work was this past Friday.  He had a couple meetings last week, but Friday was his actual 1st day to have to set an alarm and "clock in".  He's been ready to get back in the groove for a while now.  The summer is too long for him, which always cracks me up.  Because I know that if I was in his shoes I would be dreading having to go back to work at the end of summer.  But, he has a passion for what he does and has a hard time being "still" for these summer months. So by August he is usually getting pretty antsy and ready to get back into a routine. 

Thursday morning we went to our favorite breakfast place, The Cypress Breakfast House,  here in Cypress.  We called it our End of Summer breakfast bash.  :)  It was a good way to send Kevin off to work the next day.  I love love love their french toast, and Kevin really likes their eggs Benedict and their omelets.  Dane goes back and forth with their pancakes and their french toast.  Dane is so funny when we go there, he always wants to order his food himself and he wants his drink either milk or orange juice in a coffee mug.  

And some random pics of my little butterball.  He looks super duper fat in these pics.  I think it was because he had just eaten and he was sitting in the bumbo chair.  He is still working on his neck muscles so he looks like he has no neck.  But, he is just the cutest.  Love his little cheeks, and lips.  

In the picture below Dane is trying to entertain him while doing his tummy time, which he hates.  He was so funny. While Jace was fussing Dane would say things like "Come on Jace lift your head, I'm so proud of you", "You can do it Jace, not  much longer and you will be as strong as me", "Look at you lifting your head, just a little bit longer and mommy will turn you over".  It makes me smile because he is really a sweet brother to Jace.  He wants NOTHING to do with his diapers, and leaves him alone for the most part but if Jace is awake and trying to "reach a milestone" Dane is his biggest cheerleader.  Melt my heart.  

 Look at his little chubby foot.  Love it.  He has grown so much it's crazy.  We had his 2 month check up...more on that later, but he has grown A LOT!! 

Friday was low key.  Kevin ventured off to work while the boys and I just hung out at the house.  We were pretty lazy, hung out in our pjs for a big chunk of the day.

Some more tummy time pics.
Sometimes he will look around...
 Sometimes he gets mad
 Sometimes he is too tired to do anything but rest his chin on his arm
 And sometimes, very rarely he will just be done with the whole tummy time and just call it a day. Ha

Saturday morning I had breakfast with some girlfriends at this really cute little place I had never been too.  It's called the Bake Shoppe, and it is this super cute, funky place that has a hodge podge of all sorts of decorations.  Very eclectic.  The breakfast was really good, their lunch menu looked even better, and their desserts looked fabulous.  They are known for their double decker ding dongs evidently, so I had to get one to bring home for us to try out.  Yummy! It was so good!!

Saturday afternoon we went to the library for lego club.  It's a free club that meets once a month.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but it ended up being something really fun for Dane.  Every month is a different theme.  This time was living creatures.  First the kids had to draw a living creature, what they eat and their habitat.  Then they had to build this stuff with legos.  There was about 30 boys there, and they all seemed to be having fun making their creatures.  There was a drawing for a small lego set.  2 tickets were drawn and Dane was one of the lucky winners!! He was so excited.  Before the lady drew his ticket I had a little pep talk with him to not be upset if his ticket didn't get picked because only 2 out of about 30 kids would win.  He told me that he wouldn't be upset at all because he knew it was just a silly contest.  But, while she was listing off the  numbers he was clinching his hands and then screamed like a girl when his ticket was called.  It was hilarious.  He screamed so loud and was so excited that he had won.

 Some pics of this cutie before his bath

Sunday Kevin went to Austin for the day to celebrate his friend's birthday.  While he was gone I took the boys to the galleria just to mess around and get out of the house.  We started off at the lego store, of course.  Dane has so many legos, and soooooo many lego men but for some reason playing with legos and men that doesn't belong to him is fun for him.  Whatever.  So, he played with their lego men station for a while before we went to the galleria playground.  We ended up staying at the playground for about 3 hours because there were several boys his age so he was having a great time running around.  Jace slept the entire time, and I had brought a book so it ended up being a relaxing afternoon.  We grabbed some ice cream before heading back home.

Go Go Gadget comfort arms

check out his eyelashes
It's so not fair that both my boys have long eyelashes and mine are not long at all.  :( It's always the boys that get the long eyelashes!

Monday we went to the doctor for Jace's 2 month appointment.  I'll write a separate post about that.

Tuesday evening was another 2 hour practice for baseball.  It went well, it was really overcast so it wasn't too hot thankfully.  Dane and 2 others on the team are the youngest on the team.  The majority of the team is going into 2nd grade.  Games start on Sept 6th.

 His water jug is as big as he is.  But, those practices are intense and it's August so that heat will kill you.

We bribed Dane with a game night Tuesday night after practice if he was good the entire 2 hours.  It's a loooong practice, and they have to run so much.  The last 30 minutes are rough for all the boys, but Dane did his best and listened the whole time.  So, we played several rounds of Monopoly Empire.  We have definitely got our moneys worth with this game.  Dane loves it!

And just because...

 Jace loves his baths now.
And yes, he has 3 bandaids on... his dr appt was rough.

This morning I was trying to get dinner prepped and our stuff packed up so we could go have some fun and Jace was being really fussy.  He just wanted to be held on your chest.  I was feeling frazzled because he wasn't content and I couldn't do everything I needed to while holding him.  Dane heard me struggling and asked if he could hold Jace.  I thought that Jace probably wouldn't calm down, but I let Dane hold him anyway.  Dane held him on his chest and patted his back and within 5 minutes Jace was out! I couldn't believe it.  But, I was so thankful that Dane was being a sweet brother and being so helpful.

BTW Jace is 11 weeks old today.  Crazy!
Speaking of crazy... last night Jace slept from 8:30-5:30.  Then woke up and ate and slept from 6:00-8:00.  I can't believe it.  I'm sure it was just a fluke, and he will be back to his sleeping shenanigans again tonight that includes waking up several times.  But, we were really excited that he gave us a full night of sleep.  A girl can only hope that this will be a regular thing! HA

 I took the boys to Wonder Wild today to let Dane play.  It had been years since we had been there.  They have added on since our last visit.  There is a huge net obstacle course that Dane enjoyed doing, and peddle cars that he rode for hours.  He had fun and got out lots of energy.

Now that I'm done with the longest post ever!
We have only 4 more days left of summer!! Tomorrow is meet the teacher and Saturday is a first grade play date then Monday is the big day!! Goodbye Summer, Hello first grade!!

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