Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Eve before 1st grade!

Groceries have been bought. Clothes have been washed and ironed and laid out.  Dinner for tomorrow has been prepped, so it's one less thing I have to worry about.  Dane's backpack is out and filled, and his lunch is set to go except for the sandwich.  My camera is charged and we have given more pep talks than what is needed.  My alarm is set for the first time in 3 months.  The bus sticker is filled out and ready to be placed on Dane's back.  There is nothing left to do.  
Summer is over.  First grade starts tomorrow.  
And, we are as ready as we could ever be.

Friday we went to the neighborhood pool more than likely for the last time.  Dane's BFF, Liam from kindergarten was there, so they were really excited to see each other.  

Sadly, they aren't in the same class this year.  But, he lives right around the corner from us so we along with Liam's parents are hoping to get the boys together from time to time to play.  

When we were at Meet the Teacher I skimmed the room looking for familiar names from last year on all the desks.  As from what we gathered it looks like maybe just one girl from Dane's kindergarten class is with him this year.  I'm sad about that, but I know that he will have no problems making new friends.  

Saturday we went to a 1st grader play date at the splash pad.  It was a chance for them to meet other kids that would be in their class.  I got to meet other 1st grader moms which was good.  There was a good turnout, but only a handful of kids that would be in Dane's class was there.  He did get connected with a little guy named Aidan who he seemed to really have fun with.  Dane's eyes are closed, but it's all I got from the play date.  

Saturday afternoon we had our last summer treat at Bahama Bucks.  Funny thing is that we went there for our first summer treat as well, so I made sure to take pics of the boys again.  

First and Last treat of the summer

While we were there we ended up running into Dane's other kindergarten buddy Jordan, who is also not in his 1st grade class.  :( So, they were chatty with each other both enjoying their back to school snow cones.

And just because...

I love the color of Jace's eyes, especially when you are outside.  

I'm a little nervous how tomorrow will play out since I'll be getting both boys ready and taking Dane to his class all by myself.  I have a feeling that Jace will need to eat at the exact same time I'm either trying to get ready or getting Dane's breakfast and stuff together or smack dab in the middle of getting Dane situated in his classroom.  I know it will all be fine and me worrying about it won't make it any less stressful! 
 But, I'm hoping for a stress free and calm morning.  HA! 

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