Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Last little bit of summer

Summer is winding down.  We only have a week and a half left before summer ends and school begins.  It's gone by so fast, but I'm looking forward to getting Dane back on some sort of a routine.  We're trying to soak up the last bit of summer fun we can before getting back into our school mindset.  
Kevin officially goes back to work on Friday, but he had meetings on Monday and Tuesday.  So, I've been trying to keep Dane busy, and squeeze in just a little bit more fun.  

Monday morning we went bowling.  Kids bowl free all summer with most bowling alleys here in town.  I signed him up before school was even out and we just now got around to actually doing it.  

Little man has been just along for the ride on our little adventures.  Ha
I think he is going to miss the noise once Dane goes back to school.  Because let's face it our house is far from quite when Dane is home.  

Tuesday we went to the $1 movie at our local theater.  We saw Mr Peabody and Sherman which was a really cute movie.  Kevin had taken Dane to see it when it first came out, but Dane was happy to see it again.  He loved it! I thought Jace would sleep in his car seat the entire movie, but he woke up as soon as the movie started and never fell back to sleep.  He was good though, stayed content and didn't make a peep.  

Tuesday evening Dane had baseball practice.  Goodbye tee-ball, Hello Coach pitch.  This momma is a little nervous, because coach pitch is way more intense and a lot more competitive then tee-ball.   The practices are 2 hours long, and they are much more advanced than his practices he had the past 2 seasons.  Our coach is intense and takes it pretty serious.  He makes the kids run an insane amount before teaching them real fundamentals of the game.  I'm hoping this season goes ok, and that Dane still has fun.  We are excited that his little buddy Dean is on his team again.  During the spring seasons we were teams named after the professional teams, but in the fall the teams are from the minor league.  We are the IRON PIGS! Crazy.  I'd never heard of it, and found the name to be pretty funny.  
Go Iron Pigs!

Today we went and hit some golf balls at Top Golf.  They have a cheaper rate for kids as well during the summer.  I'm all about the cheap fun.  Dane showed interest in golf when Kevin took him to Academy to get new baseball shoes.  He played around with a golf club and did their little version of putt putt.  Top Golf has kid clubs that you can use, they were a tad big for him but it was fine.  Dane LOVED hitting the golf balls.  He did pretty well considering he had never swung a club before.  He was very interested in making sure he was in the correct position that Kevin had taught him.  He had a lot of fun, and it left us wondering if maybe this could be something he could pursue.  Individual type sports works best for him.  He's not aggressive enough for sports like soccer, which he hated where he is having to fight for the ball. It's just not his thing. And hitting is his favorite part about baseball.  He always talks about how he wishes he could hit more during his baseball games.  So, anyway we'll see.  We are all about exposing him to lots of stuff so he knows what he likes and dislikes, and he can find something that he really enjoys doing.  And if anything else if he does like playing golf it would be something that Kevin and him can do together...while I ride in the golf cart :)

 Little man just wanted to cuddle while Dane hit the balls

We got home and spent the afternoon at the pool.  Soaking in the last few summer days! 
Who's ready for fall?!?! ME!!!

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