Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer fun

It's August!!
 This summer, this year has flown by at such a fast pace. I just can't believe that it's already August.  Summer break is almost over.  In just 3 short weeks Dane will be starting 1st grade.  I'm trying to soak in as much summer as we can before it's all over and life starts getting hectic with school and homework and baseball and fall and holidays.  Kevin and Dane are both ready I think to get back into a routine, both seem to be getting antsy and a tad bored.  My life as a stay at home mom is going to change with it just being me and Jace at home.  I'll be able to fully get into my role.  I've been spoiled having the help of Kevin these first couple months.  

We have had a fun week.  We have done a lot to get out of the house and keep entertained.  It's been a productive week as well with getting school supplies and a little school shopping for clothes. 

Monday I took the boys to Memorial City Mall to let Dane play at the big playground and to attempt to start school shopping.  Kevin had work he needed to do and needed a quite house so he could think so we headed out to spend the day.  I can't say that I got any shopping done on this day.  And if I'm being honest I was tempted to leave Dane at the mall and run far far away. :) He was so hyper and was all over the place, definitely driving me crazy while I was trying to shop.  Shopping with him is no fun, so we spent a couple hours letting him run around the big castle before leaving empty handed.  

 Whew! He can wear you out, he has so much energy it makes you tired most days.  

I had a free hour at the trampoline park from the last time that we visited so we cashed that in this week.  This is a great place to wear your kids out.  Dane jumped and ran and flipped etc for an hour straight.  He was so tired afterwards.  

Little man turned 8 weeks on Wednesday.  He'll be 2 months on Monday which is so hard to believe.  
I put him in the bumbo seat for the first time, he loved sitting up. Still not completely strong to keep his head up and still for a long period of time but it's gotten pretty strong.  He is just precious, and has been so much fun.  He's eating about 5 ounces every 4 hours or so.  Still waking up usually twice a night to eat or snack really.  Last night might have been a fluke, but he slept from 9 until almost 4, which was amazing! Really hoping that he does that again but I'm not getting my hopes up.    

I had lunch with my old work friends this week.  It was great to see them! I miss our daily laughs that we had.  

Jace's bathing suit fits a little better so when we went to the pool this week I decided to put him in the pool to see if he likes it.  He really enjoys his bath time now.  But, the little booger slept the entire time I had him in the pool.  It was hilarious.  I didn't keep him in the pool but for maybe 10 minutes.  As soon as I took him out and changed his clothes he woke up and was wide awake the rest of the time we were at the pool

On Thursday Dane turned 6 1/2 years old.  I can't believe that we are halfway to him being 7.  When I told him that he was officially 6 1/2 his eyes got real wide, and the biggest smile spread over his face.  It was the most exciting news he had heard in a long time. 
Dane has been begging to go back to the Fire Museum, so we did that this week.  He loves that place and pretending to be a fireman.  It was pretty busy, so he had lots of kids to play with.  

The children's museum is free for families on Thursday evenings during the summer, so I took Dane.  It was insanely packed, but Dane had a lot of fun.  It had been a few years since we visited there.  Dane did everything he could.  He pretended to be a scientist, ambulance driver, HEB worker, a waiter, a banker etc etc. He's so good at pretending and being creative, so places like this are right up his alley.  

Friday My mom and niece came into town.  We left the boys at home and went and did some school shopping.  After we spent a few hours shopping we met the boys at Gringos for dinner.  Then Saturday morning we did round 2 of school shopping.  While we were shopping Saturday morning Kevin took Dane to Home Depot for the children's workshop.  He got to build a pencil holder all by himself.  He had a blast, and came home wanting to build stuff.  Home Depot does these free workshops once a month for kids, something we have never done before today.  Dane had so much fun that I'm sure that we will sign him up again for another workshop.  Once we got back from shopping we packed up clothes for Dane and shipped him to Orange for a few days with my mom and niece.  
 Dane's hair is a hot mess.  He needs a haircut sooooooo bad.  He's like a shaggy dog.  Ha

It's been a fun week!  These next few days will be quite I'm sure since Dane is in Orange.  I plan on getting caught up on some house work and doing a little relaxing.  

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