Friday, August 22, 2014

well check/ meet the teacher

Jace had his 2 month well check on Monday.  He turned 2 months on the 4th, but with back to school visits our doctor's schedule was full until this week.  I knew Jace was going to get at least one shot, but was sad to hear he needed 3 with this visit. :( 
On the way to the doctor's office Dane was very concerned that Jace would get shots and that he would be sad.  He kept telling me that Jace looked scared and sad in the car, and he would talk to him telling him that he's sorry that he has to get shots and that it will be ok.  
While talking to the nurse Dane let her know that he didn't think it was fair that Jace had to get shots since he was only a baby.  The nurse asked him if he would do the shots for Jace, and Dane said yes! He said "I'll do his shots because I'm not scared".  I couldn't believe how sweet and concerned he was being.  Then after the shots he told the nurse that he didn't think she was very nice for making our baby cry.  It sounds rude just reading it, but it was actually pretty funny and sweet.  The nurse apologized to Dane for hurting his brother and explained how the vaccines were keeping Jace safe.    

It was pretty sad because Jace had no idea it was coming, he was smiling and cooing right before.  :( I hate that look he got when he got stuck and then the silent cry (you know the one where the face shows the part, but no sound is coming out) followed by piercing screams.  Ugh.  heartbreaking. He got 3 of those suckers, but the nurse was pretty fast.  

Now to the stats.  Little man has doubled his birth weight.  It's shocking really.  It's hard to remember how tiny he actually was looking at him now.  But, even though he is a butterball now he is still below 50 percentile for both height and weight.  So far everything is going great with him.  He's healthy, and growing just like how the doctor says he should be.  

At birth: 6 lbs 4 oz  19 3/4 inches long
2 weeks: 6 lbs 5 oz
2 months (almost 11 wks) 12lbs 10.5 oz 22 3/4 inches long

Shocking! He's gained 6+ lbs and has grown 3 inches in about 9 weeks.  But he is still only in the 16% for height, and 39% for weight.  He was only in the 3% range at 2 weeks.  He was so tiny, still hard to believe.  All is good.  We go back at 4 months.  

We are having to get an ultrasound done on his hips next week.  Just typing that gives me so much anxiety.  But, our doctor wants to make sure that he doesn't have hip dysplasia like Dane did.  Since Dane's wasn't caught until he was a year old Dr Patil just wants to be extra cautious.  He thinks that his hips are normal from what he has seen and he doesn't think we will have the same problem, but he just wants to make sure since it can be hereditary.  Catching it early reduces the chances of needing surgery.
I'm feeling good about it though, the doctor is pretty confident that it won't be an issue for us.  But, just having to think about all that again makes my stomach hurt.  

 Our sad face
 poor little guy was really fussy the whole day after his shots, and ran a low grade fever


We met Dane's 1st grade teacher, Mrs Harmon yesterday.  She seems very nice and eager to take on the challenge of teaching Dane all that he needs to learn for 1st grade.  I've heard some great things about her from other teachers at the school.  We look forward to a great year!  I think he is ready to start this new adventure! It's time to get back into a routine and start packing lunches and doing homework.  

First Grade here we come!! 

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