Monday, September 22, 2014

Another weekly update...

Is it just me or does the days really all blur together the older you get?  I have a hard time trying to remember what happened what day, it's all just a big fog.  As I was was uploading my pictures I couldn't remember when the pictures were taken, I had to look back on my last post to see what pictures I posted last time and when I posted.  So, these pictures were taken sometime from 2 Tuesdays ago until today from my camera and my cell phone.  

A couple from a day in the life.  
This is what it looks like when I have to grocery shop with J man with me.  It's like a strategic game of Jenga.  I try and go on Sunday evenings if Kevin doesn't have school work to do, but sometimes it's not possible and I have to take him with me.  It's very tricky, and usually by the time I get to register every inch of that cart is taken up with groceries.  But, every time I've gone with Jace one of the guys bagging groceries always helps me to the car even when I say that I'm ok and don't need help.  Very sweet.  

I enjoy getting to eat breakfast with this little dude these days.  

I know since the last time I posted we here in Cypress have gotten a crazy amount of rain.  Insane how much rain we have gotten.  I had posted that I had to take Dane to baseball practice not this past Tuesday but the Tuesday before that.  That was the last time Dane has gotten to do baseball until Saturday of this weekend.  The Friday practice was canceled because of the rain, then his 2nd game got canceled, then last week Tuesday's practice was canceled, then we attempted Thursday and it got rained out and then Friday as well.  Crazy.  We weren't sure if he would be able to play the game Saturday but it ended up being beautiful weather and the league was able to get the fields cleaned up from all the rain. But, every free moment that Kevin had when it wasn't raining he and Dane would practice batting.  In these pictures I think he was working on his eye and hand coordination as to why he was so close to Dane as he tossed up the balls.  But, don't get me lying.  Dane's timing is still off, so they are working on that.

All the rain caused some chaos in the mornings as well.  I took Dane to school twice due to rain so he wouldn't get soaked and run late.  I don't prefer it because the car line is so long.  Our school is very organized and it runs very orderly and quickly, but our school is in a neighborhood and the line goes in and out streets in the neighborhood so finding the end can be a challenge if you don't do it every day.  And people just make me laugh how bent out of shape they can get.  I accidentally went down a street that I normally take to get to the school, but it's not the best way to get to the end of the line. I got to a point that I needed to turn left in between cars that were in the line, so a car had to wait an extra 2.5 seconds before moving up to let me through and you would have thought I just killed her puppy.  She was throwing her hands in the air and pointing the direction I should have came in at with her mean angry face on.  All I could do was laugh because it was just funny.  Maybe she hadn't had her cup of coffee yet.  Ha After a couple times of bringing Dane to school I decided that we would just get wet at the bus stop.  We waited in our garage until the bus got to the stop before ours and then shared an umbrella and ran as quickly as we could.  It seemed that it would start monsooning the exact time that Dane's bus would come around the corner.  Of course.  Dane's class didn't get to go to recess not one time last week.  I felt so sorry for those teachers, because can you imagine???  Lots of energy that can't be burnt off.  
 This picture was one of the days I took him to school.  He was bummed it was raining again, because he knew that he wouldn't get to go outside for recess.  
 As we got closer to the drop off I had him climb over into the passenger seat in the front so he would be on the side closest to the school so he wouldn't have to walk around my car in the rain.  He thought it was the coolest thing ever.  He kept saying that he likes riding in the front and wishes he was older so he could do it more often.  I on the other hand am happy that he isn't riding in the front because the 5 minutes that he was in the front his hands touched about a million things on my dash.  Every knob and button was either touched or questions were asked about what it did.  I was wishing that he would accidentally push the button that would spring him out of my sun roof.  I kid I kid.  :)

Jace and I made the most of the rain.  We spent most of the days inside the house.  It gave me no excuse to not get stuff done around the house.  We drove into Houston one day and had lunch with my old work buddy Kristy.  Jace slept through the entire lunch, so she didn't get to see his cute smile.  Then another day I had lunch plans with my friends Christy and Dallas, but it was raining so hard that they were nice to just pick up some to-go food and come see me at my house so I didn't have to get J man out in the bad weather.  

Last Monday I had Dane's open house at his school.  Parents were encouraged to not bring their kiddos, so I left the boys with Kevin and went by myself.  Before leaving Dane told me that his teacher had put up one of their writing papers on the wall, and he wanted me to look for his.  He said "look for my writing paper.  It will be the one with the letters D.A.N.E at the top because my name is Dane".  I'm so glad he clarified, not sure I would have been able to locate his paper.  HaHa

Saturday Dane had his 2nd game.  This game went way better than the first.  The other team's coaches were more relaxed, so I think it helped with our coaches not being so intense.  The kids played much better this game as well.  Dane had a lot of fun.  He got to play catcher and pitcher which to him is pretty cool, and he got to bat 3 times.  He still needs practice with making contact, he is struggling with swinging his bat a tad early.  He came really close several times, but didn't get a hit.  But, he didn't seem discouraged during the game.  He seemed to be really enjoying himself and having fun.  

J man is really getting his head up pretty high while laying on his tummy.  Tummy time isn't so terrible now for him, he will smile and coo if you are making eye contact with him.  He will stay content longer these days, and I've even gotten him to take couple hour naps on his tummy as well.  He was sleeping from around 8:30-5:30 for several weeks, but has decided the last week to start waking up around 1:30 or 2 again.  Grr.  But, how can you be mad at this little booger?? He's just so darn cute.  Love him and his gummy grins.  Some of these pictures are really grainy, I didn't have good light and I should have positioned him where he wasn't directly in front of the window, but he looks too cute to not post them.  
He is so easy to make smile.  All you have to do is make eye contact and talk to him.  He reminds me of a puppy, wags that tail no matter what you are saying to him as long as it's in a nice voice.  HaHa
Sometimes I will say in baby talk things like "I really wish you would sleep, it's making us crazzzzy that you won't sleep", and he will smile the biggest smile.  Super cute!

No one likes wearing shirts evidently.  
House of boys.  Pray for me.  Ha

Sunday our church had a first grade bible presentation for those kids in first grade.  Kindergarten is grouped with the nursery and pre-school kids, so going into first means you move up into the children's ministry.  Dane was so excited to get a first grade level bible.  He told us that he hoped that the bible was full of words, instead of a bunch of pictures.  Guess that symbolizes being a big kid.  Dane was the last name called, he told Belinda the one over the children's ministry that he is always last.  Yep.  Better get used to it with a last name that starts with a W.  :)

Dane with his first grade buddies Dean and Mason.  They were all so cute and excited when their names were called.  

Just a picture because J man looks really cute in his fishing shirt and pin striped shorts.

And we found a park that might make moms have to take anxiety medication.  Holding my breath the entire time he was climbing this.  

Poor baby... no idea what his dad did to him
Kevin said he looked like a chef.  Hilarious

And if you made it to the end of this post then give yourself 10 extra bonus points.  Whew!! Long one.  
And that brings us today.  All caught up!

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