Monday, September 8, 2014

Blogger Slacker Alert

I was a slacker last week not only in the blogging category, but also in the picture taking part as well. We weren't home much because we had appointments and errands and lunch dates etc, so it made for a weird week and I didn't take very many pictures while we were at home.  
Monday was a holiday, and I can't remember what we did if anything.  Tuesday I had a doctor appointment in the medical center, but unfortunately traffic was so bad on HWY 290 that I wasn't able to make it on time after getting Dane on the bus.  It took me over 45 minutes to go 5 miles, so I ended up calling and canceling and taking the nearest exit to turn around.  290 is seriously straight from the devil.  That highway is such a nightmare.  Jace was screaming in his car seat, and I would have been probably an hour late for my appointment.  It was a very frustrating morning, but it made me even more appreciative that I don't have to sit in that traffic on a daily basis anymore. 

Dane has about 15 to 20 minutes left in the mornings after he gets dressed to sit and watch some tv before heading outside to catch the bus.  

Wednesday I met my friend Christy for lunch, and we ended up sitting at Panara Bread for several hours catching up. Our lunch dates are never short, I love that!  

Another one of Dane.  He told me that he really liked this shirt because it says "he's awesome", and when I told him I wanted a picture he told me that standing next to this step stool would make a great picture.  Ha So, of course I obliged.  It's not everyday that Dane wants to pose for a picture, so you gotta take advantage when he does.  

 Thursday Jace had his ultrasound appointment for his hips, and I'm glad to report that his hips are normal and no signs of hip dysplasia.  Can I get an Amen! His appointment was at the same center that Dane had his physical therapy for all those months, so it was really weird being back there and seeing a lot of familiar faces.  I'm very relieved that all was good.  

 I had to get a picture of Jace by this cow.  Dane was only about 1 1/2 to 2 when he was getting physical therapy, but he loved seeing this cow every time we would go.  He thought it was real and would always want to go pet it or wave to him.  I showed him this picture to see if he would remember it, but he didn't.  He doesn't remember anything about his hip problems, the cast, the therapy nothing.  Which is good I guess because it was very traumatic for us adults.  

On Thursday the 4th Jace turned 3 months old.  Time is flying, and he is just a growing.  
We are estimating that he weighs about 14lbs, maybe a tad more.  Kevin got on the scale with and without him, so it's not an accurate weight with ounces and all that.  But, he is a chunk.  He's generally pretty chill unless he is hungry or really tired.  He has been sleeping for a couple weeks now from about 8:30 to around 5:30, which has been awesome.  Then he will usually eat, and go back to sleep till 7ish and sometimes around 8.  He is eating about 6 oz every 3-4 hours during the day.  On his 3 month birthday he rolled over for the first time from his stomach to his back. I wasn't sure if it was a fluke or not and maybe just how I had him up on his arms because he didn't roll again til 3 days later.  He still isn't crazy about tummy time, but he seems to be getting better with it now that he can lift his head higher and roll over more often.  He doesn't do it every time when on stomach, but he has done it enough now that I don't think it's a fluke.  He loves bath time now, and will kick his legs really hard to splash the water.  It's super duper cute.  He is such a sweet baby, smiles and giggles pretty often.  A couple things that he is not a fan of is being in the car seat if it's not moving.  So, anytime we get to a red light and he is awake he will let you know that he's not cool with the car stopped.  Lotion is something else that gets him mad.  I can't figure it out why he hates it so much, but he will scream bloody murder when I lather him up every night.  Other than that he is pretty chill, and maybe a tad bit spoiled.  :)  I'm trying to fully soak up these infant moments, because I know they go by so fast.  

And for giggles... no denying that these two are brothers
Friday Kevin got sent home really early from work with a terrible stomach bug.  He was looking pretty green, and got sick multiple times.  So, I took Jace to go piddle around town for a couple hours, and then when we got home I made Kevin go upstairs because I was terrified to get sick! He was sick all day Saturday as well, but by Sunday morning he had started to feel better and keep stuff down.  So far we all seem fine. Knock on wood.  

Friday was spirit day at Dane's school.  When we were at meet the teacher the PTO was selling new school shirts.  This is the shirt that Dane really wanted, not my pick but it's the one he really liked.  
Go Ault All Stars! 

Dane had another great week in first grade, which makes us super happy.  
And that pretty much sums up last week.  

We had a really busy Saturday, so I'll make that a post all by itself. 

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